‘Operation Good Samaritan’: Door-to-door campaign against drug abuse launched in Kiphire

Kiphire: Volunteer says some households asked about OST, support for family members suffering from addiction

BY | Monday, 31 July, 2023

The phase one of ‘Operation Good Samaritan’, a police-public collaboration for door-to-door campaign against drug abuse was launched in Kiphire district on Monday. The flag off ceremony was parallelly held in Kiphire Headquarters and in Pungro Sub-division.

‘Operation Good Samaritan’ is a concept conceived by Superintendent of Police, Kiphire district, K Swarnambika, IPS to create awareness against drug abuse by involving community participation, Kiphire Police informed.

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During the flagging off ceremony in Kiphire Headquarters, the SP expressed her sincere appreciation to the volunteers for enthusiastically taking part in the program. Stating that the youth are the assets of the society, she maintained that if they are strong the family prospers and likewise the entire nation prospers as a result. Any attempt to destabilize the younger generation by the drug mafia should be nibbed down in the budding stage itself, Swarnambika said.

She further motivated the young volunteers to go for campaign to save the younger generation from drug menace and said because of such good Samaritans, the humanity still exists. She also sought the cooperation of the volunteer squad for a ‘Drug Free Kiphire’.

While addressing the volunteers in Pungro Sub-division, Additional SP Lanu Aier, NPS briefed about the concept of ‘Operation Good Samaritan’ and hailed that it’s a proud moment for all.

After the flagging off, the volunteer squads split into teams and along with Kiphire Police, they marched to different wards in Kiphire town and Pungro town simultaneously and carried out door-to-door campaign against drug abuse and distributed pamphlets to each household prepared by Anti Narcotic Task Force of Kiphire Police. After the campaign, the squads reassembled for the valedictory session.

Later, participation Certificates were distributed to all the volunteers of ‘Operation Good Samaritan’ program.

During the feedback session, one of the volunteers appreciated the concept of ‘Operation Good Samaritan’ and expressed his gratitude for given an opportunity to involve in the mass campaign against drug abuse and said he will be ready to co-operate with Kiphire Police in future also. Another volunteer shared that she received very positive response from public side, mentioning that some households were asking for the OST (Opioid Substitution Therapy), contact details to enrol their addict family members into rehabilitation centres. Another shared he was impressed with ‘Operation Good Samaritan’ and is going to register a society for creating drug awareness.

Towards the end of the program, SP Kiphire expressed her sincere thanks to the volunteers and the entire Kiphire Police for making this program a successful one.

This is the first kind of initiative in the entire country for the police and the public to go for joint door-to-door campaign against drug abuse under the concept of ‘Nasha Mukth Bharat Abhiyan’. Around 150 volunteers from Kiphire Headquarters and 80 volunteers from Pungro Sub-division took part in this program, Kiphire Police informed.

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