Safeguarding our children’s safety online requires continued intervention and constant vigilance: Martha R.Ritse, Secretary Department of Social Welfare

Kohima: Workshop on cyber safety and security of children in school held

BY | Friday, 22 March, 2024

A one day state level workshop on cyber safety and security of children in school was held at Hotel Japfu on March 22.

The program was organised by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and Nagaland State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Special guest Martha R.Ritse IAS, Secretary Department of Social welfare in her speech mentioned that in this digital age, mobile phones, computers and internet have become an integral part of our daily lives. “While the internet offers immense opportunities for learning, creativity, and connection, it is also increasingly posing significant risks to our children’s safety and well-being. It has become, source to various threats such as cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate content, scams and many other forms of cyber-crime,” informed Ritse.

These threats, according to Ritse, can have profound and lasting effects on children’s mental, emotional, and physical health if left unchecked and therefore, it is imperative stakeholders to take proactive measures to safeguard children’s online experiences.

She advised parents, educators, caregivers, and members of society to collectively take responsibility to ensure that children can navigate the online world safely and confidently. “They must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and protect themselves from potential dangers lurking in cyberspace. We must have stronger mechanisms in place to support, protect, educate and empower our children to make smart choices, seek help when needed and ensure they are exposed to age-appropriate content and interactions,”  expressed Ritse.

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The Special Guest also expressed hope that the issues and challenges deliberated at the workshop should not end with a one-time discussion/seminar. “Safeguarding our children’s safety online requires continued intervention, constant vigilance, and more collaborated efforts. I hope at the end of this programme, the experts and our state team will come up with some practical action points and way forward that can be implemented on the ground,” maintained Ritse.

Together as a community, Ritse further highlighted, more awareness in the grassroots need to be created to enable children to thrive and grow in a more secure online environment. She also encouraged the gathering to recommit themselves to the cause of children’s safety- both offline and online.

NSCPCR Chairman Alun Hangsing, Chairman of Nagaland State Commission for Protection of Child Rights in his short speech emphasised that  nurturing environment for children is a shared responsibility for all members of society. He also highlighted the importance of safeguarding and protecting children and their rights.

During the event, Akum Longchari pronounced  in the welcome address and opening remarks. The program was followed by a technical session under the topic Cyber Safety and security of children, Cyber Safety and security pertaining to Nagaland.

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