Shevohu Nienu elected Chairperson of Phek Town Council

Phek: Chetezo Akami elected Deputy Chairperson of PTC

BY | Wednesday, 10 July, 2024

Shevohu Nienu was elected the Chairperson of Phek Town Council during a programme held at DC’s Conference Hall, Phek on 9th July 2024, DIPR has informed. The programme was presided over by Deputy Commissioner, Phek, John Tsulise Sangtam, NCS.

Chetezo Akami was elected as the Deputy Chairperson of the Council.

The newly elected members of the Phek Town Council are:

Ward-1, Wetsole Rhako (NPF)

Ward- 2. Nuyi Hoshi (NDPP)

Ward- 3, Sevoto Rhakho (NPF)

Ward-4, Aleno Nienu (NPF)

Ward-5, Chetezo Akami (NPF)

Ward-6, Keneizo Venuh (Independent)

Ward-7, Duniepalu Soho (NPF)

Ward-8, Shevohu Nienu (NPF)

Ward-9 Seyieveto Lohe (NDPP)

Ward-10 Vekuvolu (NDPP)

Ward-11 Shekhoveyi (NPF)

The formation of the three Town Councils under Phek district namely, Chozuba Town Council, Pfutsero Town Council and Meluri Town Council will be conducted on 10th and 11th July 2024.

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