Six women declare candidacy from Artang and Kumlong Ward, Mokokchung


BY | Thursday, 30 May, 2024

On May 28, six women from the remaining two 33 percent reservation wards declared their candidacy from Artang and Kumlong Ward of Mokokchung. They announced their candidacy before their respective ward authorities, the citizens of their wards, and Watsü Mungdang in a consultative meeting held by Watsü Mungdang.

The candidates from Artang Ward are Yongkongsangla R, Advocate Mapujungla Pongen, and Bendangkokla. The candidates from Kumlong Ward are Arenmongla, Sademkala Kichu, and Wapangnaro Pongen.

All candidates in both wards presented their declaration speeches, speaking earnestly before the attendees.

“This 33% Reservation should be the base of Women empowerment,” quoted Yongkongsangla. Honoring the people who worked hard to make the reservation a reality, Yongkongsangla assured to work for the welfare of women in her ward and the entire town. She pledged to work transparently with consultations and advice from the ward authority to address the issues and needs of her ward.

Advocate Mapujungla Pongen stated that the day the ULB election is held will be a historic day for the Nagas and that the Act will strengthen the women’s community. She thanked the ward authority and its people for their trust over the years and urged them to maintain the same belief. She also promised to be the voice of her ward authority and community.

Addressing issues such as sanitation, public health, and good roads, Bendangkokla pledged to fulfill the needs of the people she represents with cooperation and support from the ward authority. She committed to understanding the grassroots needs and working diligently towards them without any selfish motives.

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The meeting in Artang Ward was followed by Kumlong Ward, where the three candidates declared their candidacy.

While delivering her declaration speech, Wapangnaro Pongen quoted from the Bible, “I came to serve, not to be served.” She stated that she is contesting with Christian principles and wished to serve the people she represents. She said the strength in the voices of the women will be echoed on June 26, 2024, when the ULB reservation act is finally materialized in Nagaland. Emphasizing the importance of leading the wards alongside the ward authorities, Pongen pledged to work hard for the development and progress of Kumlong Ward, utilizing the sanctioned amounts responsibly and transparently.

Sademkala Kichu, another candidate from Kumlong Ward No. 7, said the arduous journey to achieve 33 percent reservation deserves to be crowned with glory. Working diligently from the grassroots level is one way to make the reservation meaningful, viewed Kichu who expressed confidence in her experience, and understanding the needs and issues of the ward. She pledged to work selflessly with cooperation and guidance from the ward authority.

Watsü Mungdang convened this consultative meeting with all the candidates from the six reservation-allotted wards under Mokokchung Town. It commenced on May 14, 2024, with 13 women candidates confirming their candidacy from Artang Ward, Alempang Ward, Kumlong Ward, Marepkong Ward, Penli Ward, and Sungkomen Ward so far. More candidates may or may not be declared from these 33 percent allotted wards. Further, Watsü Mungdang will hold similar meetings in Changtongya Town, Tuli Town, and Mangkolemba Town, where women’s reservation is allotted. These consultative meetings aim to sensitize the women candidates and the community on the arduous journey taken by the women leaders over the last 20 years and to encourage the women to become responsible leaders and voices of the women, proving worthy of the painstaking journey taken by the former leaders in making the 33 percent reservation a reality.

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