Specified routine, cooperation of staff get District Hospital Tuensang cleanest hospital award in Nagaland

Tuensang: Hospital also prepares its staffs by educating them through a program known as “Hospital Dialogue”

BY | Tuesday, 27 June, 2023

The vision for a clean and healthy environment by educating the common public has become an aim for the staff of District Hospital Tuensang. Recently, the hospital bagged the first prize for being the cleanest hospital in Nagaland Kayakalp Award 2022-2023 and for being an eco-friendly hospital.

Their step towards this glorious achievement has been long due since post-Covid as they were making progress year after year. The government hospital had won the third position in the year 2020-2021, a second position in the year 2021-2022 and finally the golden award this year.

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It is difficult to maintain and sustain a clean environment every day along with the expenses that the hospital has to bear but the success achieved so far is what drives them to bring in new innovative ideas as well as refining in their current work. The notion of them working in a clean environment also brings in a sense of satisfaction that “we are safe at work”.

Dr Senilo Magh, Junior Specialist, Nodal Officer for Kayakalp, informed that there is a specified routine which everyone has to follow every time which has become a part of the job in keeping the hospital clean which requires a lot of manpower and resources as well. The achievements will not stop here as we are striving for more in the future, he said.

The educational visual posters also brings in smiles among the patients also works as a therapy. It also denotes messages for the people, some as stories and some illustrations, on how to maintain sanitation in District Hospital Tuensang.

There is also a waste segregation plant where biological wastes, dry wastes and wet wastes are separately decomposed. The hospital also prepares its staffs by educating them through a program known as “Hospital Dialogue”, an intermediate course of education where the hospital staffs starting from doctors, nurses and other support staffs take turns as resource-person and teach and learn new ideas as well as certain hospital knowledge. The dialogue is held every Friday.

District hospital Tuensang also provides meals twice a day for all patients which are not only hygienic but are sumptuous too.

Dr Puse Liegise, Medical Superintendent asserts that the joint venture has brought laurels with collective support from the entire team. He also stated that there would be great change in the medical field in Nagaland doctors were allocated in all the government hospital like how school education appoints teachers subject-wise in every school.

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