Stage set for first Miss Universe Nagaland India open audition

Chümoukedima: Winner of Miss Universe Nagaland India open audition to get direct entry to Miss Universe India

BY | Monday, 1 July, 2024

The stage is all set to conduct the first Miss Universe Nagaland India open audition on 2 July at Niathu Resort, Chümoukedima, marking a significant milestone in the state’s pageantry landscape as it makes its debut in the coveted pageant. The event is being held under the aegis of Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland, organisers of Miss Nagaland.

The open audition for the selection of Miss Universe Nagaland India will commence from 11:00 am while, spot registration will also be available from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

The panel of judges for the open audition will include Amjad Khan, Director Operations & Marketing Miss Universe India and Asmita Chakraborty Miss Tourism India 2023, who arrived today at Dimapur.

The winner of Miss Universe Nagaland India open audition will receive a direct entry to Miss Universe India, a national-level platform affiliated with the Miss Universe pageant.

Asmita Chakraborty, Miss Tourism India 2023, exudes hope to find a representative from Nagaland who is a well rounded individual with authenticity, fierceness and embodies grace, intelligence and a genuine desire to contribute positively to the Universe.

In her own words, she says, “Nagaland has never failed to impress us when it comes to the beauty in the State. A confident woman who has a strong sense of purpose and is committed to represent her state Nagaland and eventually our Nation India passionately at the Universe Stage is what we are looking for.”

Chakraborty asserted this mega audition as an opportunity which can change one’s life forever and a journey that will shape an individual.

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Amjad Khan, Director Operations & Marketing Miss Universe India underscored that North East region is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, ethnicities, and traditions and the inclusion of contestants from each state promotes diversity and ensures that there is representation of the entire spectrum of Indian beauty and culture.

“Therefore to foster a more inclusive, representative and United Society, Miss Universe has ensured that every state gets their individual representation at Miss Universe India and showcase their beauty,” added Khan.

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Khan also informed that under the new Ownership of Miss Universe India which is now owned by Glamanand Group, state auditions are being held across all the 28 states of India and few of the union territories with the help of appointed State Directors/ State Pageant Organisations.

Further, he said that earlier this year Miss Universe India organisation announced its expansion strategy to discover talents across the nation through a state wise format as this initiative will allow Pageant aspirants to secure a place at the National Finale of Miss Universe India and also give them a chance to represent and promote their respective State in the National finale. “The State Winners will be awarded with the Miss Universe State Title,” he added.

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