Strong room sealed following electoral process in Kohima and Chümoukedima

BY | Saturday, 20 April, 2024

After the conclusion of the Lok Sabha electoral process in Kohima district on April 19, the strong room at DC Office Kohima containing the polled EVMs has been securely sealed on the same day in anticipation of the upcoming counting process.


According to DIPR, the personnel present during the sealing were Kreho Athili, Micro Observer authorised by General Observer for Kohima District, P. Ramesh, IAS, DC & DEO Kohima Kumar Ramnikant, IAS and concerned AROs alongside representatives from INC and NDPP.


Authorities have taken meticulous measures to safeguard the strong room, employing stringent security protocols and surveillance to prevent any unauthorized access or tampering. The sealed strong room will remain under constant monitoring until the scheduled counting day on June 4th, 2024.

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In Chümoukedima, AEO & ADC, Dr. Kuzonyi Wideo and AEO & ADC, James Swu sealed the strong rooms of EVM Receipt and dispatch counter at DC office Complex, on April 19 in the presence of DEO & DC Abhinav Shivam, IAS, Observer Avinash Chauhan, IRS  and concerned officers for 4th A/C Ghaspani-l and 5th A/C Ghaspani-ll under Chümoukedima District.



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