There’s no stopping Tumong, the mechanic-turned-innovator from Noklak

Noklak: After three failed attempts, I finally succeeded in the fourth one….

BY | Friday, 14 July, 2023

Tumong, a man in his mid-thirties from Noklak village, has been working as a mechanic for around 15 years. He said that his interest in mechanical works began early in his childhood. The man was clear that he wanted to make this interest into a career that he decided not to sit for the class 10 examination and instead began repairing electronic devices.

“I was never interested in academic education,” the father of five children told Nagaland Tribune.

After repairing old machines for over a decade, Tumong said he wanted to try making new things. He had the knowledge and the experience, and thus began his new journey.

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What is special about this mechanic from Noklak village?

Tumong is not simply a repairer of broken things, he is also an inventor and innovator. Among his innovations are the oil extraction machine, the cooking cum drying machine, the betel nut peeling machine and the Wheels of Nagas (WON), the electric two-wheeler which he made along with Khumeng.

Electric Kitchen Wood Stove

The latest innovation of the mechanic from Noklak village is the Electric Kitchen Wood Stove, a unique stove that combines wood and electricity and is smokeless, low cost, consumes lesser energy than the usual heaters and stoves, more efficient than LPG in terms of thermal power, and is portable.

Put two-three chopped pieces of wood of any kind in the stove and you will have a pot filled with water boiling within 15 minutes, Tumong said. Even wet wood easily gets burnt, he proudly adds. With the help of electricity, one can control the heat according to what is cooking. The stove also runs on solar energy.

The wood stove requires AC and DC with input of 220AC or input of 12 Volt DC which gives Output of 6 watt with regular control. With the help of the regulator control for power supply, the Electric Kitchen Wood Stove can be used for five to six years, he guaranteed.

What inspired him to come up with the stove?

The innovator from Noklak explained that over population, deforestation and the high cost of LPG gas made him think of coming up with an eco-friendly and cheaper mode of cooking.

He proceeded with the task immediately and after three failed attempts, he finally succeeded in the fourth one. Following the completion of the Wood Stove, he used it as an experiment in his own kitchen for around four months and he testified that it continues to function smoothly.

Designed with the aim to save firewood, the stove comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large.

Challenges of being an innovator in Noklak

Tumong highlighted that living in a remote place, the availability of and accessibility to materials and equipment is always a very big challenge.

“With limited resources, I started my journey although there were struggles but by the grace of God, I could finally launch some of my products and looking forward that it will be helpful for our people”, said Tumong.

Tumong (R) and Khumeng (L) with their Wheel of Naga (WON) electric bike

The innovator also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to former Noklak Superintendent of Police, Dr Pritpal Kaur for various assistance and encouragement.

He also conveys his thanks IAS officer Reny Wilfred, former Deputy Commissioner of Noklak and presently the Joint Secretary, Finance, Government of Nagaland who put in valuable inputs and assisted him financially on the Wood Stove innovation.

Despite lack of accessibility to required materials, not having any professional training and proper education, Tumong’s aspiration proves that there is no limit when there is willpower and determination and also continues to be an inspiration to unemployed youths.


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