To the fathers, the Anchors of the family!

BY | Saturday, 15 June, 2024

Father’s day is a day to honor and recognise the responsibilities and sacrifices of fathers or any fatherly figure in our lives. Celebrated globally on the third Sunday of June, the day also acknowledges the influence and significance of fathers in one’s community.

This Father’s day, readers and well wishers from various districts in Nagaland shares their wishes and thoughts on fathers as well as the joy of being a parent.

Menuoneituo Chadi, Government employee, Kohima

“I try to engage with them as much as I can..dropping to school, taking part in their activities at home such reading bible stories to them and outdoor games including frequent outings. The idea is to create as many happy memories as possible and to raise them as God fearing kids. Family always comes first so no question of compromise even during busiest hours. If at all, I try to compensate by putting in extra efforts to balance for both!

Vizovor Liezietsu, Police, Kohima 

As a uniform personnel and a father of two wonderful kids, I admonish my kids to always revere and love God; to be men and women of honour; to give more than they receive and to stand always for what is right and true. I don’t really get time for my family but I try my best to spend time with them whenever I can .

Vibeilietuo Kets, Special Assistant to Chief Minister, Kohima

Alongside my profession, I used to take my children to invest our time and resources in gospel missions. During my busiest hours, I rely on my family’s prayer support.

Moses Chongpho, Pastor Sipongsang village

God created man in his own image. Among all the man, my father is the strongest person I have ever seen in the world even though he became old at the age but his heart still young. Heart of love, heart of patience, heart of gentleness,heart of kindness, heart of compassion who always look up what is ahead and what is going to come. All the family depends on him for whatever circumstances we may face. He take care of his own family and sacrifice. So today “I salute my father”. I wish you a happy father’s day

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Thungtsapa Sangtam, Kiphire, 5th semester student, Patkai Christian College

A message for my loving dad,

*”I’m always proud of you Dad”*

I have never wished to have another man than my father by my side.

He is the most loving and caring person I have seen, my dad doesn’t have a proper job or salary but this I know he never have begged anyone to sustain our family.

His magical hands and hardwork with Canesticks making baskets and utility has been his main source of income since the past more than 20 Years.

I know we don’t own any car at the moment, we don’t have such luxury but we have a home to shelter and a hope to move on, as my dad says “God will make a way, where there seems to be no way”.

And maybe we’re just struggling together today, but I’m always proud of you Dad.

Ariba Anar, Tata steel Samvaad fellow

A poem dedicated to my father

*Come what may*

My father is

Like those Rose’s in my garden

May not be so perfect

Yet full of colors and life


His trust kept me alive,

His word’s like morning dew,

He would remind me everyday,

That I would make it someday.


Oh how I missed him,

His sweet yet rough hand’s

As we made those bamboo baskets,

Though old and feeble, his skills uncanny.


Here stands a Rose

Replica of me,

Shinning each day with grace,

Those thorns as my shield

Wielded with dad’s love,

Facing the world against all odds,

I shall survive to live his dreams.


Er. S Thsaliba Sangtam, JE

To all the Great Father’s of the world Happy Father’s Day.

Dear, Dad…. So many images come to mind whenever I speak your Name; it seems without you

In my life things have never been the same. You never looks for Praises, He’s never one to Boast, He just goes on working quietly for the ones he loves the most. He’s there, a firm

Foundation, Through all our storms of Life. A sturdy hand to hold onto in stressful times of Life.

Dad, Your love and Sacrifices make you the Greatest Hero in my eyes. Thank you for being My Hero, My Inspiration, My Rock, My Protector and My Biggest Supporter. Thanks, Dad for Everything you have done for Us. I could write a million pages but there’s one thing I would say, just

How much I Love You and Miss the sound of your Voice, the Wisdom in your Advice, the stories of your life. I love you then, I love you now. Always did. Always will. Forever in my mind. Forever in my heart. I will carry You.

Lastly, to all the children… of Great Heroes, Make sure to Love, Respect, Care and take some time out from your busy schedule and Spend time with your real life Super-Hero who loves you

Unconditionally before it’s too late for that.

Once again Happy Father’s Day to all the Incredible Dads out there!

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