Transport Advisor Temjenmenba inaugurates Inter State Truck Terminus in Kohima

Kohima: Temjenmenba requests everyone to encourage people coming from other states to use facility

BY | Tuesday, 30 May, 2023
Advisor Temjenmenba unveiled the plague at ISTT Kohima on 30 May 2023

Advisor for Transport & Technical Education, Temjenmenba on Tuesday inaugurated the Inter State Truck Terminus at ISTT, Kohima, DIPR informed.

Speaking at the occasion, he stated that the terminus will be operational and functional and that a lot of hard work has gone into constructing this building, right from the drawing to searching for the requisite fund.

Temjenmenba reminded all who would be using this asset to keep in mind that it is for the people, therefore, should be maintained properly. He added that many of the trucks carrying goods will come to and halt at the terminus therefore he called upon the model village to treat the people coming from far-flung areas to have a comfortable stay without any hindrances from any quarters. The Advisor also mentioned that the transport department should be able to use this asset intelligently so that it will have the capability to generate revenue for the state. He also stated that the Inter State Truck Terminus is a much-needed facility, especially for the traffic congestion in the capital town which will ease traffic problems to a great extent.

He added that when government creates assets it should benefit the maximum number of people and therefore, Temjenmenba requested everyone to encourage people coming from other states to use this facility so that it will not only generate revenue but also highlights the beautiful state to them.

He also requested the officers to seek wisdom from God to lead the department and create more assets like this, so that the people grow from strength to strength. He also urged the transport officials and NST officials to come out with new innovative ideas so that the department can become one of the highest revenue-generating departments in the state.

The Advisor to transport department acknowledged the contractor for the commendable workmanship in constructing and completing the building in the old schedule of rates of PWD 2013 with limited funds and at a good time without any claim for rate enhancement.

Earlier, Temjenmenba unveiled the plague at the Inter State Truck Terminus.

General Manager, NST, Shikaho P. Yeptho in his introductory speech highlighted the project stating that this project was supervised and executed under the Civil engineering wing of the Department headed by the Executive Engineer (Construction) who has been effectively and efficiently executing the project.

He mentioned that the Department is grateful to the North East Council officials, and all involved in the project for their timely supervision and release of funds for the successful completion of this project. Yephtho added that once it starts functioning, the ISTT is going to be very beneficial in rendering all the needs of local and Inter State Truck operators including parking facilities and easing congestion in the Town area.

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