Tuensang DLSA organised Awareness Program on Social Media Safety and Cyber Crime Laws in KGBV Noklak

Noklak: Students advised to prioritise on achieving goals and not marriage at hurry

BY | Sunday, 1 October, 2023

Tuensang District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) organised an awareness program on Safety on Social Media Platform and Cyber Crime Laws on 30th September 2023 at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV), Noklak. The main purpose of the program was to give awareness especially to girl children about safety from exploitations in a world where transition is taking place rapidly.

Pudiyanger, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Cyber Crime Tuensang stressed on social media and the danger that lies behind it. He highlighted on cyber crime is classified into crime against people, crime against property and crime against government and stated that due to increase of technology and social media, cyber crime such as impersonation and defamation has increased. He also pointed out that people fall victim to such crimes due to lack of awareness of cyber safety and security.

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Pudiyanger further elaborated that the most common platforms users become victim are online gaming, phishing, Nigeran scam or online relationship, OLX scam, sextortion, online shopping, text bomb (Pink WhatsApp) and GB WhatsApp etc. The ASI strongly advised users to abstain from clicking unknown links on social media and uploading personal detail. Online gaming has higher chances of financial fraud, he said.

Yemlong Chaba, Panel Lawyer, Tuensang DLSA stressed on the role played by Cyber Law, stating that any criminal activities that involves a computer or a networked device fall under the Law. Further, Chaba mentioned about Information Technology Act 2000 was enacted to safeguard from cyber crime. Further, he underscored sections and acts that falls under Information Technology Act, 2000. Chaba advised students to use phone only for positive service where they may be safe from cyber bullying.

Antimangyang Chang, Retainer lawyer Tuensang DLSA speaking on Protection of children from sexual offences (POCSO) regretted that lots of crimes are happening to girl children Chang mentioned that to protect child victims, Government has enacted the POCSO ACT to protect children from sexual offences. Stating that offenders will be punished under this act, Chang advised the students to immediately report if any time they become a victim, further she gave out the assurance that the victim’s identity is never exposed.

Birila, Panel Lawyer Tusensang DLSA, speaking on ‘The Immortal Trafficking Prevention Act 1956’, gave insights about the exploitations and abuses which happens to many children below the age of 18 through trafficking and becomes a victim. With such immortal practices prevailing such as sexual abuse, forced begging, child labour (under 14 years) and forced prostitution, Birila urged victims to go to police and inform them. 9

The marriageable age for male is 21 while its 18 for girls however the age is to be raised, she noted. Stating that child marriage is evil which has many ill effects especially to the mother and the child, Birila urged the students to first prioritise on achieving goals and not marriage at hurry.

The participants were informed that they should call the 24 hours toll free 1098 Child Line for any sexual violence, and 1930 for reporting Cyber Financial Fraud.

Earlier, the program was chaired by Muthiam, Front Office, Para Legal Volunteer, Tuensang DLSA, invocation by Moniu, welcome note was given by KGBV warden, opening remark was given by Cheliam Khiamniungan, NJS, Judicial Magistrate First Class cum Secretary, TDLSA, KGBV Noklak students presented a special number and show cased a Taekwondo performance.

The program was attended by girl students along with teacher guides.

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