Tuensang: Political party reps commit to honour CKS, ENPO resolution to abstain Lok Sabha polls

Tuensang: Chang tribal organizations steadfast on upholding CHENMOHO resolution not to participate in any Central/ State Election

BY | Tuesday, 16 April, 2024

The Chang Khulei Setshang (Chang Tribal Council) has informed that the Chang Tribal Apex Organizations (Chang Khulei Setshang, Changsao Thangjam Setshang and Chang Wedoshi Setshang), along with its representatives to ENPO and ENSF, conducted a meeting with representatives from various political parties of Tuensang District/ Division namely NDPP, BJP, RPI (A), NPF and Congress on 15th April 2024.

CKS informed that during the meeting, the leaders of the organizations appealed for “unity and adherence to the resolution” of CKS and ENPO, and the representatives of the political parties “pledged their full support and committed to honour” the resolution by refraining from participating in the Lok Sabha election on 19th April 2024.

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Earlier in the day, the apex organizations also conducted a meeting with various Tuensang based Unions/ Hoho including the Tenyimi Union, Ao Union, Sumi Union, Lotha Hoho and Gorkha Union. The unions were apprised on “the aspiration of Eastern Nagas and its abstention from the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2024 in the entirety of Eastern Nagaland jurisdiction to show its resentment against the failure of the authority to fulfill its assurance.”

CKS stated that during the meeting, the invitees unanimously declared to show its solidarity and cooperation towards the cause.

In the last meeting on Monday, the apex organizations held a joint Coordination meeting with President and Officials of AWUTT, All Ward leaders, Sector/ Colony Union under Tuensang Town wherein it was unanimously declared to strongly uphold the ENPO resolution.

CKS said that the meetings served as a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration between tribal Organizations/Union, political parties, and denizen of Tuensang District with a shared goal of promoting unity and addressing the concerns of the Chang Community in Tuensang District and the Eastern Nagas as a whole while upholding the CHENMOHO resolution not to participate in any Central/ State Election.

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