USSC raises issue of teacher shortage in government schools under Sangtam jurisdiction

Kiphire: USSC objects to teachers who are ‘Self-style/Unofficially attached to the department and elected legislatures’

BY | Monday, 12 June, 2023

The United Sangtam Students’ Conference (USSC) has taken up issues related to acute shortage of teachers in government run schools in the Sangtam jurisdiction with the Directorate of School Education, Government of Nagaland.

In a letter to the Principal Director, USSC highlighted the findings of the first phase of Educational Tour it undertook from 13th April to 3rd June 2023 where it apprised that transfer of teachers without assigning their relievers has created a ‘significant shortage of teachers in its region, which adversely affects students’ academic career.’ It also informed that 28 schools under Sangtam jurisdiction are operating without Hindi, Science, and Mathematics teachers.

USSC also mentioned that some teachers were ‘Self-style/Unofficially attached to the department and elected legislatures’. Strongly objecting such practices, the students’ body appealed DoSE to immediately ‘detach’ these teachers who are ‘directly hampering the students future generation’. It further ‘warned the elected representative and departments not to entertain any attachment’.

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Besides the deficiency of teachers, poor infrastructure, including classroom facilities, poor sanitation and hygiene, and insufficient textbooks, laboratories, and computers, were ‘causing severe consequences for students, ranging from poor academic performance to health care concerns,’ the conference stated in its letter.

USSC therefore the department urged the education department to deploy teachers to the schools within 17 days from 8 June 2023, the failure of which will force the students to resort to ‘democratic agitation’.

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