Voters criticizes queue management in ULB Election


BY | Thursday, 27 June, 2024

Voters in Mokokchung has expressed dismay over the queue management during the ULB polls held yesterday.

“To be a layman in middle age with an honest mindset during an election is very unfortunate!” shares Imkongwabang, one of the voters,  “Many of us were already in queue thirty minutes ahead of time for the polling to begin.”

While special arrangements are made for senior citizens, sick people, differently-abled persons,  persons on emergency duty, the Voter rued over the inconsiderate attitude towards other voters, where “important persons, bold people, etc., can come anytime, enter the polling booth, cast their vote and leave”, without considering the persons in queue who have been standing there for the last three or four hours.

“These people in the queue may not lodge any complaints, but they are observing what is going on in front of their own eyes. If some arrangements can be made to minimize such situations, it will be good for all categories of people,” said Imkongwabang.

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The voter suggested if the concerned authority can fix a time for people with special needs and announce it to the public in advance.

“We could cast our votes after standing there for four and a half hours. Someone might have spent more time than that. I went to the polling booth at 7:00 am, but I could only cast my vote at 11:30 am,” said Imkongwabang.

Several others have also expressed their discontentment with the queue management stating “We have in queue for hours, we understand their special attention but we also need attention”.

Another voter also commented, “There should be several measures on this areas.”

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