Wazeho Cement Plant killed by corruption, says Rising People’s Party

Kohima: RPP strongly opposes privatization, says NSMDC employees competent enough to run factory

BY | Saturday, 2 December, 2023

The Rising People’s Party has alleged that the operation at the Wazeho Cement Plant has been on a halt for 19 years (2004-till date) due to the corruption in the Nagaland Government. The plant is located in Meluri sub-division under Phek district.

RPP stated in its press release that that the party had recently undertaken a tour of Meluri sub-division during which it also visited Avangkhu International Trade Centre in the Indo-Myanmar border. It was during this tour that it came to light that from 1992-2003, the 50 TPD (Tonnes Per Day) Wazeho Cement Plant was running smoothly, until the government decided to upgrade the plant to 100 TPD with Saboo Engineering Pvt Ltd machineries, it stated.

“Despite the protests of NSMDC (Nagaland State Mineral Development Corporation) officials that the Saboo machines were of inferior quality, the state government overruled the protest of the experts,” the Rising People’s Party claimed.

In 2004, the inferior machines were installed but the process was completed only in 2008, it further stated, adding that the machines broke down beyond repair only after one month of operation.

“The richest region has been kept economically backward for decades on because some politicians decided to enrich themselves through unethical and criminal means,” RPP alleged while asserting that the party will initiate “a probe or a court of enquiry”.

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Further, the party cautioned the Chairman of NSMDC not to even consider privatization and reminded that in 2020-21, “the NLA Committee on Public Undertakings recommended that the Wazeho Cement Plant be operated by the state government instead of being privatized.” RPP also said that NSMDC employees at the Wazeho factory are competent enough to run the plant.

Moreover, the Rising People’s Party expressed hope at the potentials of the Wazeho Cement Plant as the two-lane connectivity to Burma via Wazeho and Avangkhu ITC is nearing completion.

“… if the cement factory is revived without delay, it’s no exaggeration to state that Meluri sub-division will become the richest per capita in the state. Burma needs cement, and the other economic benefits of a Moreh like township in Meluri area is a possibility if the NDPP-BJP coalition is sincere,” RPP stated.

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