Wokha’s GHS Colony residents undertake road reparations


BY | Saturday, 22 June, 2024

Over 200 volunteer residents of Government High School Colony, Wokha today undertook road reparations in the area. Initiated by the Colony Council, the road repair was undertaken to address the long-standing challenges of deplorable road conditions for the past three years affecting accessibility to important places such as the District Civil Hospital.

Elderly residents, youths, and even children, joined the initiative by filling potholes with gravel and rocks to mitigate worsening road conditions and to ease the travel of daily commuters, particularly on the route to District Civil Hospital Wokha. The repair work extends from the Government High School colony gate to the District Hospital Colony and Zuvotong Colony.

Mhonyamo, Chairman of the Colony Council, informed that materials such as gravel and rocks were prepared the previous day to fill potholes, initiating repair work at 7 am today. The Chairman acknowledged the positive response from residents who contributed physically and financially to the efforts. Drawing attention to the much needed repair along the road from Government High School Colony to Civil Hospital Wokha, Mhonyamo stated that some areas have potholes measuring one foot deep. The Chairman highlighted the major challenges faced by passing vehicles and pedestrians, particularly those commuting to school or offices, who risk being splashed with muddy water from passing cars, causing much inconvenience. The increased difficulty for patients traveling to the hospital due to the road conditions was also another major issue.

“Seeing these challenges firsthand, the community felt compelled to take action,” said Mhonyamo who expressed the hope that with the collective participation of colony members and volunteers, the repairs will be completed very soon.

Amos Humtsoe, Colony Secretary, highlighted the activities undertaken for road repairs especially the efforts made by residents and the ongoing struggle with road conditions. With contributions from residents and well-wishers, Humtsoe said, they had taken up the task themselves without machinery, relying on physical labour.

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“The colony has faced this road issue for almost 2 to 3 years, and residents have been undertaking similar initiatives for years without receiving any government support so far,” said Humtsoe. One of the challenges is the struggle faced by school students, particularly younger ones where due to the poor road conditions, caretakers or parents often find it difficult to drop their children safely.

The road conditions have often led to students arriving at school with dirty shoes and uniforms.

“Approximately nine to ten trucks of mud and stones have already been purchased and loaded from Longsa Village so far. More trucks are still expected to be loaded in repairing the road,” informed Humtsoe.

Meanwhile, Nyimshio Kikon, Colony GB, extended appreciation to contributions from the colony and its residents which will hopefully witness road improvement.

While government assistance has not been sought, residents expressed hope that with the upcoming ULB Election 2024, the elected members prioritise road development in the colony. The need for the government’s intervention in approving funds to develop the route leading to the District Civil Hospital was also highlighted.


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