World Music Day: Kheito Y. Asumi Aka ‘NASU Oppa’ aims to be a ‘mixed culture artist’

Niuland: Asumi sings in Sümi, English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

BY | Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

Kheito Y. Asumi, also known as ‘NASU Oppa’, is a pop artist hailing from a small village, Hovukhu, in Niuland District. Asserting that music gives him peace and happiness, and a way in which he can express his true self, the versatile and multilingual singer said that he had been interested in singing since his childhood and that his mother was her inspiration.

“I still remember singing folksongs with her on our way back home from the field,” the singer stated.

Born on 30 December 30 1995, Asumi is the youngest among four brothers and holds Master Degree in English from St. Joseph University, Sovima. He is currently pursuing his Music Education in Vocal and Staff Notation from Bridge Music Academy, Purana Bazaar, Dimapur.

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At the age of 18, he did his first stage performance in 2014 on Christmas Day and has come a long way since.

His influence in singing Chinese and Korean OST songs began in 2017 when he was introduced to C-Dramas and K-Dramas by his female classmates. Since then, his love for OST songs never stopped. He gave his first public performance of Asian song in 2018, at Tokhu Night, Agri Expo, where he performed a C-Drama “Love O2O” Original Soundtrack “Just One Smile Is Very Alluring” by Yang Yang, which was later recorded and released as his first OST Cover MV on 5 January, 2022 as his 26th Birthday Special.

The following year, he released a Korean Cover song “Start” by Gaho from K-Drama “Itaewon Class” Original Soundtrack as his 27th Birthday Special on 30 December, 2022.

Speaking about BTS, a popular boy band from South Korea, Asumi said, “I came to know Kim Taehyung AKA BTS ‘V’ on 30th December, 2020. When my female friends posted Birthday wishes to ‘V’ in their WhatsApp status. So, I asked them who he was, and later I Googled about him, and found out that we were share the same Birth Day, Month, and Year i.e. 30/12/1995. I think it is a fortune for me to be his twin. Since then, I started to listen to some of their songs and perform it in public to gain more audience. Before this, I was never interested in them. I just heard that it’s a famous Boy Band from South Korea. I didn’t expect that one day I would be performing their songs.”

This year on his 28th Birthday Special, he will be releasing a Japanese cover song. He also added that he has many piled up Korean and Chinese OST songs, which will be released in future in his OST Cover Playlist.

Asumi Aka NASU Oppa has also composed many Sümi songs which are yet to be released. He is currently working with his friends from Gwangju, South Korea, and Beijing, China for his two originals from each language respectively. His main goal is to flourish in the music industry in Nagaland as a ‘Mixed Culture Artist’.

He wants to encourage the younger generation by stating that “Singing is a good career choice if you have a passion for music, and where you get to perform what you love. But you must be ready to put your hardwork and dedication in it.”

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