World Zoonoses Day 2023: Free anti rabies vaccination camp organised by Kohima Veterinary Hospital

Kohima: Team stresses that meat should be bought from proper sources and that practising hygiene a must

BY | Friday, 7 July, 2023

A free anti rabies vaccination camp was organised by the Veterinary Hospital Kohima under the Chief Veterinary Office Kohima on the occasion World Zoonoses Day at Veterinary Hospital, Kohima. The theme for Thursday’s program was “Preparedness for Future Epidemic/Pandemic Lessons Learnt from COVID-19”.

This is an annual event observed to honour the achievements of Louis Pasteur, a renowned French biologist which aimed at raising awareness about zoonotic diseases and commemorating the achievements of the renowned biologist.

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Dr Elizabeth Yhome, Surgeon, Veterinary Hospital Kohima on the introduction of World Zoonoses Day mentioned that this year’s theme was to make sure that people were aware and prepared for any given circumstances. She said the COVID-19 is a very example to make sure we are always prepared for any worst-case scenario, mentioning that the pandemic has taught the great lesson to be always careful and prepared. It is the same with human and animal, she stated.

She also informed that around 180 pets were vaccinated at the free camp.

Dr Yhome also highlighted that all are stake holders to fight and control diseases. One should all be cautious and careful when livestock or pets or family members start showing symptoms and get them checked.

Also in the program on World Zoonoses Day, Dr Nüsa Lohe, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (VAS) spoke on the role of veterinarians in prevention of zoonotic diseases; H Puchau, VAS, spoke on the sources and mode of transmission of this diseases; Internee Mongdangti Longchar spoke on the common zoonotic diseases in cattle and pets; VAS Youngmei Arolim spoke on the common milk and meat diseases borne zoonotic diseases; VAS Velilu Epao mentioning in the zoonotic diseases associated with poultry and pig; VAS Toshimongla Aier spoke on the responsibility of livestock owner in prevention of Zoonotic disease.

The team also stressed that meat should be bought from proper sources and the importance on practising hygiene and making sure that pets are not allowed to lick it’s owners as this is the main source of disease carrier.

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