Y Patton participates in 21st Tsungiki-Philimi Community Fishing event at Doyang River

Wokha: Event held annually with aim to maintain peaceful and healthy relationship between villages

BY | Friday, 5 April, 2024

The Tsungiki-Philimi Doyang Union held its 21st Tsungiki-Philimi Community Fishing event on Friday at Doyang River (Pofü) near Coco Bridge, with Deputy Chief Minister Yanthungo Patton along with other Legislators.

The event witnessed participation of 18 villages from both Lotha and Sümi communities.

Speaking on the occasion, Patton praised the Tsungiki-Philimi communities for initiating an event highlighting the unity within their community. He emphasized that the significance of this event goes beyond fishing, serving as a symbol of the unity prevailing among the community members. He also highlighted that such unity showcases a positive example for other tribes to follow and urged Nagas to unite in various other aspects of life, drawing inspiration from events like these.

Using the platform, Deputy CM also made an appeal to the participants to support and vote for Dr Chumben Murry, the PDA Consensus Candidate, in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He mentioned that this marks the first time the Lotha Community will have representation in the Lok Sabha since Nagaland became a state.

Later, the event witnessed pounding of piscicidal plant root by the community members in which Patton along with other Legislators also actively participated.

The Tsungiki-Philimi Community Fishing was a tradition developed by their forefathers, passing down through generations and still continues under the aegis of Tsungiki Village Council and Philimi Village Council (Tsungiki- Philimi Doyang Union). It is held annually with a purpose to maintain peaceful and healthy relationship between the two villages and its neighbouring villages.

This activity is held at Doyang (Pofü) River which flows across the middle of the two village jurisdictions acting as the border between the two villages. Beyond just fishing, the event fosters friendship, brotherhood, and a sense of belonging. The activity also promotes sustainable fishing practices by using piscicidal plant roots instead of harmful chemicals, ensuring the survival of aquatic species. Tsungki-Philimi Doyang Union was formed with a responsibility to protect and preserve the river Doyang (Pofü).

The event was chaired by E. Chenithung Kikon. The opening prayer was led by Vikashe Ziho, Pastor, Philimi Baptist Church. Following this, Vikikhe Assumi, the Head GB from Philimi Village Council, delivered a brief speech, followed by Janthungo Kikon, Chairman of the Tsungiki Village Council. Concluding the proceedings, a vote of thanks was given by Hakiye Assumi, the GB and Chairman of the Doyang Union.

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