Youngster FC wins SYU 1st Open Futsal Tournament

Mokokchung: Team manager of Youngster FC says trophy a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unity of players

BY | Friday, 23 June, 2023
Youngster FC, champion of SYU 1st Open Futsal Tournament

Youngster FC was declared champion of the Salangtem Youth Union (SYU) 1st Open Futsal Tournament today by winning against Trebuchet FC with a score of 5-1.

Youngster FC opened the game by complete exercise control over Trebuchet FC through synergy of the team collaboration and the possibilities of goal scoring in all manners of ways. Youngster FC had an impressive performance in the final, defeating Trebuchet FC with a score of 5-1.

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The players Awang and Eshung from Youngster FC played a crucial role by scoring a brace each, contributing to their team’s success.

Despite their loss, Trebuchet FC showed determination by scoring a goal through Abu’s efforts.

Youngster FC received a monetary award of Rs 60,000 for being the champions, while Trebuchet FC, the runners-up, took home Rs. 40,000. Chargers FC, who secured third place, received Rs. 10,000.

Youngster FC wins SYU 1st Open Futsal Tournament

Individual awards of SYU 1st Open Futsal Tournament were also presented:

Highest Goal Scorer – Abu Chishi from Trebuchet FC (11 goals)

Top Striker – Alapou from Havana Team

Best Goalkeeper – Horlan from Youngster FC

Best Defender Award – Limawapang from M.I. United

Most Promising Player – Sentilong from Trebuchet FC’s

Each individual award came with a citation and a cash prize of Rs. 2,000 each.

As the special guest for the championship finals, Tekameren, PS to Nagaland Minister Metsubo Jamir gave away the trophy and awards.

Lipokwati Jamir, team manager, of the winning team in an exclusive interview with Nagaland Tribune said that conflicts or disagreements within the team are inevitable, but it’s crucial to address them promptly and effectively.

“As a team manager, my approach is to encourage open communication and create a safe environment where players feel comfortable expressing their concerns. I listen to each party involved and try to understand their perspectives. The goal is to foster a positive team dynamic and maintain focus on our collective objectives,” he ushered.

While maintaining team motivation during challenging times or a losing streak is crucial for overcoming adversity, he said he emphasize the importance of a growth mindset and encourage the players to view setbacks as learning opportunities.

We analyze our performance, identify areas for improvement, and set realistic goals for future matches. I also provide individual feedback and support to help players regain their confidence. Additionally, I create a positive and uplifting team culture by highlighting individual and collective achievements, celebrating small victories, and fostering camaraderie, he added.

Ensuring a healthy work-life balance is also crucial for the overall well-being and performance of our players.

The manager said that “to achieve this, we prioritize regular rest days and time off during the training schedule. We monitor the workload and intensity of training sessions to prevent burnout and injuries. We encourage them to pursue hobbies and interests outside of the sport to maintain a balanced lifestyle. By recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance, we aim to support the players’ personal growth and long-term success.”

So also, several strategies are implemented to encourage a collaborative environment.

The team in this regard, added that they also conduct team-building exercises and activities to promote trust, unity, and understanding among the players. Celebrating collective achievements and highlighting the importance of supporting and motivating one another further strengthens the bond among the team members.

For the winning team, it is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unity of the players.

“Seeing them execute the game plan and overcome challenges on the way to victory is truly rewarding. The tournament win not only showcases our team’s abilities but also reflects the support and efforts of our coaching staff and the entire organization. We are grateful for this achievement and motivated to continue striving for success in future endeavours.”

Youngsters FC was formed in the year 2015 with players from Kohima and Dimapur which includes players from different communities. The team has participated in 12 tournaments so far ever since its formation.

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