Your community’s change will be greatly aided by the leaders you select: NBCC appeals candidates and voters to act responsibly in the ULB elections

BY | Saturday, 22 June, 2024

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has appealed to both candidates and voters to remember the “heavenly gift bestowed” upon them and act responsibly during the next Urban Local Body election in the state.

In a statement issued on June 21, Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary, NBCC reminded that leadership is a gift, and voting for the best leaders to represent the people is a God-given opportunity. “We must believe in one another and do things correctly and in the Christian way. The “God Factor” is implied even in urban local body elections. With the ULB election approaching, it is an appropriate time for the candidates to demonstrate God-given leadership by being cognizant of the obligation to serve the community,” stated the NBCC.

Recognising the equal responsibility of voters, the Council evoked voters to pray before casting their votes in order to pick whoever they believe would do the best job for the ward/colony where they live.

The Council also exhorted that one should not be influenced by speech alone, but choose whoever is concerned about the colony and can perform to represent the people.

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“Commitment, dedication, and concern for the colony should be the standard. Selecting the best candidate for you and your colony in this ULB election is a privilege. Your community’s change will be greatly aided by the leaders you select. We have had great difficulty implementing development at the local level for a very long period. It’s time to seize this chance to improve the development of our ward and neighborhood,” appealed the Council.

With crooked elections in Nagaland’s setting being a long-standing problem, Keyho mentioned that it has given rise to the blame game and nasty party politics. “By hook or crook in politics must be done away with. We must give space to God and the people to make the right choice based on capability and ability. If we want to see change, we must start at the grassroots level, and now is the time. As voters, we are frequently blamed at the end of the game, and we must accept the blame without recourse. If we are aware of our power, we can vote correctly with a single vote,” stated the NBCC.

In this coming ULB election, the Council appealed citizens to exercise their franchise with dignity and pride to choose the right leader for the benefit of the community. It also urged for the avoidance of playing partisan politics and the blaming game. “We must believe that all the candidates are capable people and it is our vote that will put the right and capable candidates to represent us to do things collectively for our benefits. One person One Vote and vote without influence,” stated the NBCC.

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