AKM inspects Arju Centre at Mongsenyimti Village followed by Community coordination meeting


BY | Friday, 14 June, 2024

The Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) is currently overseeing the Arju Centers, institutions aimed at integrating traditional knowledge with regular school syllabi tutorials, as stated by AKM General Secretary Satemongba during a recent tour of all Arju Centers across Ao land. These centers, established under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Nagaland, have significantly benefited students in government schools across villages in Mokokchung District. AKM has inspected all 12 Arju Centers and concluded its annual inspection at Mongsenyimti Village on June 13. It was informed that this inspection is a continuous process conducted annually by AKM actively and as needed.

Satemongba emphasized that besides academic improvements, students have gained traditional knowledge, arts and crafts skills, soft skills, social etiquette, and life skills through these centers. Launched as part of the Ministry of Education’s initiative, AKM leaders noted a marked enhancement in both academic performance and personal development since their inception.

The ongoing tour aims to familiarize village councils and stakeholders in rural areas with the center’s 2024-25 vision. This vision includes promoting and preserving Ao literature and mother tongue as integral to identity and cultural heritage.

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It also encompasses enhancing financial literacy to empower individuals, reduce vulnerability, and promote economic growth, alongside fostering skill development crucial for real-world and academic settings.

Additionally, the tour includes a homeland exploration component to acquaint students with Ao Naga cultural heritage, including traditions, migration history, and agricultural techniques shared by local experts. As part of future plans, plantation drives are scheduled throughout the centers with a vision towards commemorating AKM’s centenary celebrations in 2029 and expanding Arju Centres in the future.

During the Community coordination meeting with the Mongsenyimti Village Council, the Village council assured their readiness to support the center both financially and physically.


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