Singrep Adventure in Kiphire: A campsite above the clouds

Kiphire: Best season to experience majestic views from Singrep is during winter, starting from early November till late January

BY | Friday, 8 December, 2023

Just a month ago, the land where Singrep Adventure campsite now stand was just a barren field laying below Singrep village in Kiphire district. Today, with the support and help of the villagers, Atsungba Sangtam has turned this neglected land into an unmissable spot for tourists.

Situated in Singrep “The Watchtower of Kiphire”, the campsite is ideal for those who lusts for fresh and clean air after a decent and all-people friendly hike. The views are guaranteed to leave delightful memories to all who set foot in Singrep village as well as the hiking destination site. At night, lights from around 100 scattered villages can be seen glittering on the distant hills. The Village Tower offers the best view for night gazers.

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Atsungba Sangtam, a remarkable young man from Singrep Village, began entrepreneurship in tourism by hosting guests in his friend’s house in the village. “The beginning is always the hardest,” Atsungba says.

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His business received a good response and soon he could purchase a plot of land measuring about 300 sq ft just below the village, the same plot where he launched his dream project, Singrep Adventure.

Atsungba Sangtam, Proprietor of Singrep Adventure

The young entrepreneur says that he was encouraged to start the project after realising the drastic increase in the number of hikers in the area. Observing this love for trekking from all walks of life, Atsungba, an adventurist himself, pulled up the idea to start a proper camping destination that will provide a fruitful destination to hikers.

Atsungba Sangtam expresses his gratitude to the villagers, young and old, for coming out to help him realise his dream. They ploughed the hills and gave it shape in the hope to reveal their beautiful village that has for long been unknown to even the people of the Eastern Nagaland.

Since its opening, around 10-20 people visit Singrep Adventure site daily. The highest number of people recorded in a day stands at 126.

Visitors at Singrep Adventure

Singrep Adventure is a hiking destination site that offers its visitors a heartwarming experience, allowing them to feel the tranquility and calmness, experiencing what it is like living with the clouds and witnessing the chilly sunrise just beneath the highest mountain of Nagaland, Mt. Saramati.

The campsite also offers proper tents and bedding, providing other essentials like tea, noodles, snacks, etc., at a reasonable rate, with just Rs 30 for entry fee. The site is equipped with one toilet and a bathroom made from bamboo, along with the resident or caretaker of the camp residing in a bamboo house, which also aims to spread a message of sustainability and eco-friendly business.

Guests can enjoy the most scenic view of Kiphire district hovering with clouds, like a child covered by a blanket of snow. The best season to experience this majestic view is winter, starting from early November till late January.

The camp, which is located just below the hills of Singrep village, takes about one and a half hours or less from the district headquarter, Kiphire. Visitors will experience decent foothills, embarking on their journey from the gate of Zisaji Presidency College.

It is open for all days of the week. Presently, Atsungba Sangtam, along with two other young men, manage the place.

The young entrepreneur expresses his wishes to build the site into a better, safer, and healthier space for his visitors in the future. Singrep Adventure is set to boost tourism in the area while providing employment opportunities to deserving youths.

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