BJP wants to have complete control over voters: NPCC president on ‘One Nation, One Election’

Kohima: Jamir says citizens of India will not give consent to BJP to change name of country to Bharat

BY | Thursday, 7 September, 2023

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee President S. Supongmeren Jamir slamming the BJP Policy on ‘One Nation, One Election’ said the saffron party has a hidden agenda for the coming Lok Sabha election. After seeing the atmosphere of the Indian politics, they want to adopt and have a complete control over the voters, that’s why they are imposing ‘One Nation One Election’ said Jamir.

Jamir maintained that the stand of the Congress is to see all the voters coming independently, so that the welfare of the voters is considered first, not for the agendas of the BJP or not to harass the voters in general.

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According to observers, the ‘One Nation, One Election’ plan refers to holding Lok Sabha and assembly elections simultaneously. Elections are due later this year in five states (Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan and Mizoram) and to the Lok Sabha in May next year. Maharashtra, Haryana, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are also due to hold assembly elections next year.

Speaking on the consideration of the government in changing the official country’s name to ‘Bharat’, Jamir remarked that the citizens of India will not give its consent and that this policy of the BJP is against the citizens of India.

“Hindus in general, they are not in favour of Hindutva, as well as RSS ideology. In fact, Hindus are the first person who are regional and patriotic, they are against the ideology of Hindutva.So, it will not affect. In fact, going in changing the names, the Hindus especially the majority population of India will go against the BJP,” said Jamir.

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