Clean Doyang Mission warriors complete operation in 5 days; DC Wokha commends team, volunteers for success

Wokha: DC says discussions on with Govt to address such issues, prevent future occurrences

BY | Wednesday, 12 June, 2024

Clean Doyang Mission concluded on Wednesday after five days of commendable and life risking work by the trained team and volunteers to clear the plastic debris that has accumulated at the Doyang river.

On the final day, the team was joined by a large number of volunteers from NGOs and organisations such as Natural Nagas, Bharat Scout & Guides, Lotha Students’ Union, Rengma Students’ Union, Pangti Students’ Union, fishermen and individuals.

The participants began cleaning at 5:00 am and toiled till 6:00 pm. On earlier days, the hot and humid conditions forced the volunteers to take frequent breaks but on Wednesday, the weather was pleasant, due to which remarkable progress was achieved.

On Day 5 of the massive operation the Clean Doyang Mission warriors struggled to reach a particular area due to strong currents. L. Jonjibemo Odyou, the District Disaster Management Officer, Wokha and PRO of the Clean Doyang Mission, informed that the debris would be carried away by the water’s flow.

Odyuo also informed that the convergence of water flow from above and waves from the opposite side presented significant challenge to the volunteers and posed a risk to their safety. He said that the accumulated debris in this area were not stationary due to the waves and the available resources, such as boats could not tackle the challenge.

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Later in the day, Deputy Commissioner of Wokha, Ajit Kumar Ranjan, IAS, addressed the press at his office where he commended the team for the successful completion of Clean Doyang Mission. He highlighted that the officially, the work to remove plastic waste accumulated at the mouth of the Doyang river commenced on 8th June 2024. He also explained that an Area Task Force, led by EAC Sungro, was constituted to assess manpower, machinery, and logistical needs.

DC Ranjan also highlighted that the waste segregation was conducted on-site for further processing at respective centres. He mentioned ongoing discussions with the State Government to address such issues and prevent future occurrences.

The DC also conveyed his gratitude to Chairman, DPDB Wokha and Advisor for Agriculture, Mhathung Yanthan, for personally visiting the area and encouraging the team.

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Further, he extended his appreciation to all the teams and volunteers involved in the mission, notably Pangti and Dhillong villages, as well as the neighbouring villages of Doyang. He acknowledged the participations of Englan Range Student’s Union (ERSU), and Lotha Student’s Union, along with NGOs from outside the district such as Team Better Dimapur and Eco Warriors Nagaland.

Additionally, he thanked the personnel from 7th NAP, DEF, and SDRF for their crucial roles in the mission’s success

Furthermore, he appealed to the general public of Doyang and neighbouring villages to collaborate on waste management resolutions to maintain a plastic-free catchment area and enhance the cleanliness and beauty of Doyang.

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