DH Tuensang organise seminar on ‘Nurturing Success: Importance of Work Culture and Ethics’

Tuensang: By adopting mindset of service and putting others’ needs first, employees can make meaningful impact on society: Ozukum

BY | Thursday, 11 April, 2024

District Hospital, Tuensang organised a one-day seminar under the theme ‘Nurturing Success: Importance of Work Culture and Ethics’ on 10th April 2024 at the Conference Hall, District Hospital, Tuensang. Sentilong Ozukum, NCS, SDO (Civil) was the resource person of the event.

In his speech, he emphasized on the crucial need for a paradigm shift in our society’s perception of work and ethics. Ozukum challenged the common notion that work is a burden, asserting instead that it is a divine blessing and a fundamental part of God’s plan for humanity. The speaker highlighted pressing need to enhance work culture and attitudes particularly within the government sector.

He stressed on the importance of embracing responsibilities and duties with dedication and a sense of purpose drawing from biblical principles and also shared some key insights to foster a positive work culture and strong work ethics.

The SDO further emphasized the significance of integrity in the workplace and stated that being a person of integrity is not only a moral imperative but a critical factor in building trust and credibility among colleagues and the public.

Furthermore, he advocated for the concept of servant leadership, encouraging individuals to prioritize serving others above personal gain. By adopting a mindset of service and putting the needs of the people first, employees can make a meaningful impact on society, Ozukum added.

The session concluded with the resource person sharing his personal experience and lesson, the various hurdles challenges faced by government employees, providing valuable insights into the realities of working in the public sector

Overall, the session gave a powerful reminder of the importance of cultivating a strong work ethic, integrity and a commitment to serving others and therefore contributing in building a more effective, efficient and compassionate government that truly serves the needs of the citizens.

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