Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation extends support to DCCI, says detrimental cycle must be broken

Dimapur: DAYO urges all citizens to report any criminal activities to Police

BY | Thursday, 25 April, 2024

The Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation (DAYO) has extended its full support and solidarity with the Dimapur Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) as the indefinite shutter down of business establishments in Dimapur begins tomorrow.

While condemning the rampant issue of multiple taxation, DAYO strongly stressed the “need for comprehensive policy intervention to be done by the Government of the day to completely stop these illegal activities.” The youth organisation maintained that the “menace of multiple taxation has not only hampered the economic growth of Dimapur but has also affected the entire state of Nagaland, deterring large companies, corporate houses, and prominent businessmen from investing in our state.”

This detrimental cycle must be broken for the prosperity and development of Nagaland, DAYO stated.

Recommending ‘community policing’ to all communities in Dimapur “to address the menace of extortion and multiple taxation effectively”, the organisation mentioned that it had filed numerous FIRs and shared crucial information with law enforcement agencies whenever its members its intimidated,

“We firmly believe that citizen participation is essential in combating crime, and therefore, urge upon all citizens to report any criminal activities to the police and remain vigilant against illegal taxation and collections”, it said. Further, DAYO urged vigilant and aggrieved citizens to make use of the Nagaland Police’s app to report crime.

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