IDAN conducts capacity-building event for CSR Compliance & Project Management

Kohima: CSR Manager IDAN said that this capacity-building event is focused on NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility

BY | Thursday, 23 March, 2023

The Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland held a capacity-building training programme for CSR Compliance & Project Management at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima on Wednesday, DIPR stated.

Joint Secretary, IDAN Reny Wilfred, IAS spoke on the importance of CSR projects with a special focus on the Northeastern states and Nagaland. He said that the two-day capacity building on CSR is a first of its kind in Nagaland and mentioned that this training would be an interactive session, to understand the aspirations of the NGOs for the development of Nagaland and to deliver productive projects to the society. He also mentioned that this training should be able to convert problems into solutions.

Wilfred apprised that IDAN will be providing all the tools and techniques to ensure that the NGOs and participants will be able to deliver – starting from project conceptualization, preparation of DPR, and negotiation with CSR donors – to implementation and monitoring of the whole spectrum of the project. He also assured that IDAN will assist and make sure there is a CSR team available to support the NGOs every time to address all the queries.

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CSR Manager IDAN Chichanbeni Kithan said that this capacity-building event is focused on NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She said that NGOs play a critical role in addressing and promoting sustainable development, environmental challenges, and social welfare.

NGOs have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can help companies understand the local context and identify the most pressing needs. However, the fact that NGOs are often restricted by resource constraints which severely limit their ability to achieve their objectives. Therefore, in order to effectively carry out the missions, they require resources and partnerships with other stakeholders and that is where CSR comes in, she added.

She also mentioned that, in recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility has emerged as an increasingly important concept in the business world. It refers to a company’s commitment to operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner, beyond just its financial performance. Through CSR initiatives, businesses/corporations can provide financial, technical, and other resources to support the work of the NGOs.

She added that this two-day event is primarily designed to enhance the understanding and skills in the field of CSR and equip NGOs with the necessary tools and knowledge to answer the million-dollar question of how NGOs can build effective partnerships with corporations and other stakeholders.

Earlier, the new capacity building centre was also virtually inaugurated by the special guest, Reny Wilfred IAS, Joint Secretary IDAN.