Kiphire’s lone helipad renovated, Kiphire: Patient transported to Dimapur on inaugural day of revamped helipad

BY | Sunday, 17 September, 2023

A successful trail landing was carried out today following the renovation of Kiphire’s existing helipad.

Kiphire’s lone helipad service had been inactive for several weeks due to the unsafe conditions of the helipad ground, making it risky for safe landing. The inconvenient situation had compelled many serious patients in the district to travel another 43Km to Pungro to avail chopper service, or worse travel by road via the National Highway to the Capital or Dimapur for treatment.

An initiative of the District Administration, proper fences along with a solid iron gate have also been constructed across the helipad area further assuring the safety and security of the helipad service.

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“Helipad services will soon resume on regular basis as usual, most likely in the coming week,” said Longdiba SDO Supervisor of the helipad renovation.

The successful chopper trial today also accommodated a serious patient towards Dimapur. The timely renovation has been acknowledged by the public.

The Office of the United Sangtam Students’ Conferences (USSC) appreciated the Deputy Commissioner Kiphire and his team for successfully completing the long-pending renovation of the helipad. The union stated in its press statement that since the helipad was declared unsafe to land, many people, especially the sick patients, faced inconveniences and added that the officials’ “enthusiasm and allegiance” had made “real difference” to the district.

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