KTC, KU and USLP reaffirms abstention from ULB Elections in Nagaland

BY | Thursday, 6 June, 2024

The Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC), Konyak Union (KU), and United Sangtam Likhüm Pümji (USLP) has reaffirmed its commitment to uphold the ENPO Chenmoho Resolution and abstain from the upcoming ULB elections in Nagaland to be held on June 26.

Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC)

In a notification, the Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC) informed of a joint consultative meeting held  along with all frontal organizations : KSU, KMH, Noklak town 11 Ward Chairman, Secretary, GBS, NDGBA, KBCA & prominent leaders of the tribe under Noklak District on June 5 at Noklak HQ.

Upholding the spirit of unanimous ENPO Chenmoho Resolution on February 23 and subsequent reaffirmation on May 14, 2024 at Tourist Lodge Dimapur, the house has steadfastly committed for abstention of upcoming ULB Election scheduled for June 26, 2024 at Noklak Town Council against the failure to settle the protracted FNT demand for Eastern Nagaland through the MHA (GOI).

“Any individual accede to violate this resolution shall invite KTC R/M No.(6),” stated the KTC.

Konyak Union (KU)

In reference to the Chenmoho resolution passed on 23rd February 2024, the Konyak Union has also issued the following order regarding the upcoming Urban Local Body (ULB) elections within Konyak jurisdiction:

  1. All individuals, groups, and political parties within the Konyak jurisdiction are hereby ordered to abstain from participating/filing nomination for the upcoming ULB elections 2024.
  2. The order will remain in effect until the Government of India and the State Government accede to the demand of the Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) as offered by the Government of India through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).
  3. Any individual, group, or political party failing to adhere to this order shall be doing so at their own risk and violations.
  4. Those who defy the order will be deemed traitors to the public’s genuine cause and will be remembered as such, with their names engraved in stone as traitors.

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  1. Defaulters will be subject to bear all responsibilities of the Konyaks.
  2. They will be required to reimburse all expenses incurred by the people in support of the FNT cause.

“This order is issued in the interest of upholding the collective decision of the Konyak people,” stated KU

United Sangtam Likhüm Pümji (USLP)

The United Sangtam Likhüm Pümji (USLP) has also directed the citizens of Sangtam Community on the the Eastern Nagaland Public Emergency called by ENPO and subsequent Public resolution adopted on February 23, 2024 at Chemoho, “Not to participate in any central and state election,” which was reaffirmed on May 14, 2024 at Tourist Lodge Dimapur.

Therefore, the USLP has directed all its citizens to abstain from the forthcoming ULB Election scheduled on June 26, within the town council that falls under its jurisdiction.

The USLP further appealed its citizens to kindly support and co- operate in the larger interest of its demand that will determine the future of  generations.

“Failure to comply and violate this directive by any individual or group will be sole responsible and at own risk,” warned the USLP.

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