Legacy of Mrs. Yashikala Honored with Inauguration of Guest House at Peniel Prayer Home in Longsa Village

Mokokchung: Mrs. Yashikala’s life mirrored an era of transformation for the Naga tribes

BY | Saturday, 19 August, 2023

In a touching tribute to the enduring legacy of Late NI Jamir’s wife, Mrs. Yashikala, a heartfelt ceremony took place at Longsa Village’s Peniel Prayer Home. The formal inauguration of a guest house marked a significant event, symbolizing the continued impact of Mrs. Yashikala’s life.

The ceremony commenced on August 18, 2023, with a solemn prayer led by Rev Supongchiten, the Pastor of Longsa Baptist Arogo. The guest house stands as a manifestation of benevolence, generously contributed by the daughters and daughters-in-law of the late NI Jamir and Yashikala. This generous gesture aims to provide a sanctuary for those seeking solace within the confines of the Prayer Home. Additionally, two houses funded by the late NI Jamir’s family were also unveiled during the event.

Born on April 9, 1920, in Longsa village, Mokokchung District, Mrs. Yashikala’s life mirrored an era of transformation for the Naga tribes. From an era of isolation and headhunting practices, her journey witnessed the advent of modernization, new learning, religion, and values. Despite her traditional upbringing, she embraced Christianity, dedicating her life to living as a devoted Christian.

With an unwavering commitment to education, Mrs. Yashikala’s influence extended beyond her family. While her formal education was curtailed after her marriage to Mr. N.I. Jamir in 1943, her support and contributions were pivotal to his success. Mr. Jamir, who rose from a school teacher to become the Chief Secretary of Nagaland and a prominent political figure, was enriched by her steadfast dedication.

Her compassionate leadership extended to her community, inspiring women to enhance their lives through hygiene awareness, vocational education, and group activities. This dedication paved the way for an empowered Ao and Naga society.

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Mrs. Yashikala’s impact resonated as she accompanied her husband on various postings across remote terrains. She consistently uplifted communities through education, vocational training, hygiene, and social work. Additionally, her efforts to preserve Naga culture and traditions left an indelible mark on her people.

Even after her husband’s passing in 1996, Mrs. Yashikala’s engagement in community and social work persisted. She shared wisdom, encouraged widows, and spread Christian teachings, transcending Nagaland’s borders. Her presence remains alive in the hearts of Nagaland’s women, solidifying her as a living legend.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by family members, including Imtirenla, Chubala, Alemtemshi Jamir (IAS Retd), and Minister Metsübo Jamir. Revered leaders, such as Longsa Village Council Chairman Talichuba and Pastor Supongmeren, paid homage to NI Jamir and Yashikala’s enduring legacies. The ceremony concluded with a benediction from Pastor Temjen of Chubayimkum, encapsulating the reverence for the remarkable lives commemorated at Peniel Prayer Home.

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