Nagaland Contractors demand equal opportunity; highlights multiple taxation from underground groups

Kohima: Plight of contractors due to multiple taxation from various underground groups highlighted

BY | Friday, 6 October, 2023

The Nagaland Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Union (NCSU) on Thursday iterated it’s demand for ‘one project one firm’ and demanded that the State Government give equal opportunity to the local contractors.

Addressing the media, the Union claimed that the new guidelines issued by the Nagaland Government on the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY-III) will be a complete failure.

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The Union said the clustering of 40 projects into 16 packages under the scheme is practically not feasible and viable on ground adding that it was too large for the local contractors to execute it effectively.

“Especially PMGSY this time we have got 40 projects so our Nagaland Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Union (NCSU) demand is we want equal opportunity we want to give to 40 contractors so that our member get equal opportunity and then will get a equal benefit so for that last many years one contractor one firm we are practicing. So, this time also we demand our government to give equal opportunity equal to all the contractors,” said the union’s President Pele Khezhie.

The Kezhie also stated that when the Union approached the State’s Chief Minister and Chief Secretary to discuss on this matter, however, there was no response and subsequently the Union approached the court.

Citing reasons of why the new guidelines will be a failure, the he said, “this time they are practicing new mission, new technology we are afraid because that technology is not feasible in Nagaland.”

Further, the Nagaland Contractors President also highlighted the plight of the contractors of multiple taxation from various underground groups citing that this is also one reason why many projects are incomplete.

“As I said earlier, unseen tax is maximum. People criticise our government and they criticise our contractors but unseen tax unseen expenditure is too much so we couldn’t complete the project, we couldn’t do quality works a lot of things are there”, he stated. “My appeal is that we want to develop Nagaland and we need everybody support our project, our development if they support us then we can collaborate with other advanced states also”, Khezhie added.

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