Nagaland Municipal Bill: Select Committee hopeful of bill passage after consultative meeting with three tribal apex bodies

Kohima: Committee to include omission of reservation of women for Chairperson and tax on land and property in its recommendation

BY | Monday, 6 November, 2023

The seven membered Select Committee of Nagaland Municipal Bill 2023, led by its convenor Deputy Chief Minister T.R Zeliang held a consultative meeting with the three tribal apex bodies, Central Nagaland Council (CNTC), Eastern Nagaland Peoples Organisation (ENPO) and Tenyimia Union Nagaland here at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima today. The meeting was attended by Nagaland Chief Secretary and Assembly Secretary.

Addressing the press after the meeting Deputy Chief Minister T.R Zeliang asserted hope that the amended Nagaland Municipal Bill 2023 would be passed consensually in the Assembly and assured that there is no adverse opinion from the tribal leaders and the three tribal apex bodies.

The select committee’s recommendation will be submitted in the emergent Nagaland Legislative Assembly convened on 9 November 2023.

Mentioning that the final call will be taken by the state Assembly, Zeliang said the committee have decided to include in its recommendation that the reservation of women for Chairperson of the council will be omitted; tax on land and property will also be omitted and the candidates of Municipal council for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) should be indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland.

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On query whether there will be any general quota, Zeliang responded saying, “Here (Nagaland) we have 100 percent schedule tribe so there is no general quota or seat reserved. We don’t know what Assembly will decide but based on the request made by tribal leaders we have decided to include in our recommendation.”

Zeliang said the consultative meeting was convened as the present government respects the contention of the people and the Supreme Court. “Taking these two points into consideration we have decided to go ahead with our recommendation and the Governor has summoned the house on 9 November on the same matter to be discussed and passed by the assembly,” said Zeliang.

While, the main issue of ULB was 33 percent women reservation, Zeliang assured that after series of consultations the tribal bodies have also agreed in magnanimity.

Zeliang said after the Nagaland Municipal Act is passed the rules will be formulated and delimitation of each ward will take place.

The committee exuded hope that everything will go smoothly and ULB election will also be conducted peacefully. From now on we can march forward with development activities in our township and municipal in our state, added Zeliang.

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