Nagaland team wins accolades at the All India traditional wrestling championship 2023- 2024

BY | Thursday, 4 January, 2024

The Nagaland team of wrestlers, Bout Lords, who recently represented the State at the All India traditional wrestling championship 2023-2024 secured notable achievements in both Belt wrestling and Mas wrestling across various weight categories

The Championship which was held from December 31 to January 2 at Talkatora Indoor stadium, New Delhi witnessed Maharashtra securing the overall gold in both Belt wrestling and Mas wrestling, while Delhi and Nagaland claimed silver and bronze, respectively, in both categories.

The Coaches for the Nagaland team were Neilhoukholie Kire and Vimhalie Pienyü alongside Players Assistant Mhalelhoulie Khruomo. Kezhalelie Keretsü headed the team as the Managing Director while the Team manager was Khriesazo Liezietsu

The list of winners representing Nagaland are as follows:

Belt wrestling (60-70 kgs)

Silver : Menguzo Khezhie

Bronze : Nouletuo Rame

Belt Wrestling (70-80kgs)

Gold : Vizovolie Rame

Belt Wrestling (80-90kgs)

Bronze: Khriekethozo Keretsú

Belt Wrestling (90-100kgs)

Gold: Neizosietuo Kire

Bronze: Vizakietuo Suohu

Belt Wrestling (100plus)

Gold: Kezhaseluo-o Pienyü

Silver: Keviser Dzüvichü

Mas wrestling 60-70kgs

Bronze: Menguzo Khezhie & Nouletuo Rame

Mas Wrestling (70-80kgs)

Bronze : Kevisalie Kire & Vizovolie Rame

Mas Wrestling (80-90kgs)

Silver: Dziesevizo Kire

Bronze: Khriekethozo Keretsú

Mas Wrestling (90-100kgs)

Gold: Neizosietuo kire

Mas Wrestling (100-125 kgs)

Gold: Kezhaseluo-o Pienyü

Silver: Keviser Dzüvichü

Mas Wrestling (125 kgs)

Gold: Menuosetuo Yiese

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In Belt wrestling, the states of Overall winners were: Gold- Maharashtra, Silver – Delhi and Bronze – Nagaland

In Mas wrestling, Maharashtra secured Gold Maharashtra, Silver by Delhi and Nagaland secured Bronze.

Kezhalelie Keretsü has been selected as the President of the Nagaland unit of Traditional Belt Wrestling of India. It has been informed that the teams received assurance from the All India Traditional Wrestling Association that the gold medalists in this year’s edition will have the opportunity to represent India at the Asian Games scheduled for May 2024 in New Delhi.

About Bout Lords

Bout Lords was formed in 2008 by wrestling enthusiasts with a mutual passion for wrestling. The primary goal of Bout Lords is to identify and nurture emerging wrestlers, and provide them with a platform at both national and international levels. The club is committed to extending the reach and promotion of wrestling to every district in Nagaland. Standing by its commitment, the club has successfully organized wrestling coaching sessions in Kohima, Dimapur, and Peren.

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