NHIDCL regrets rock fall accident, to send technical team to do ‘proper study’ of area’s geology

New Delhi: NHIDCL says ensuring safety and well-being of all citizens and travellers has always been its primary responsibility

BY | Wednesday, 5 July, 2023

National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, has on Wednesday regretted the unfortunate 4th July 2023 rock fall accident at ‘Pagala Pahar’, Chümoukedima, Nagaland that killed two persons and injured three. NHIDCL has also said that it will be sending a technical team to probe and suggest measures so that such incidents do not recur.

“We regret that such an accident occurred despite our continuous efforts to maintain all the necessary road safety measures,” it stated.

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NHIDCL informed that at the time of the incident, clearance of a Muck slide at Km 124.500 on the Dimapur-Kohima Road, NH-29 was underway, and vehicles were waiting when the rock fall happened.

“To ascertain the reasons for the incident and a proper study of the landslides and geology of the area, NHIDCL is sending a Technical Team including experts for suggestions of remedial measures so that such incidents can be prevented in future,” it added.

While offering its condolences, NHIDCL stated that ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens and travellers has always been its primary responsibility. “Swift action was ensured by NHIDCL and Machineries (JCB, loader), Manpower and Ambulance reached within 15 minutes and immediate medical assistance was also provided,” it mentioned.

The company that is responsible for management of National Highways informed that Dimapur-Kohima Road, NH-29 was handed over from BRO to NHIDCL in November 2016 for the development of a 4-lane Highway and that the work in both Packages-1&2 is above 99% and the work is nearly completed except for some minor works.

The portion where the incident happened lies in “Pagala Pahar” stretch which extends from km 123.840 to km 129.000 and cutting was done in this stretch in 2018-19 and vegetation has developed on the slope, it added.

NHIDCL further stated that various Special Slope Protection measures including Slope stabilization measures like Coir mat with hydroseeding, rock netting with 3D Steel Mesh, Rock barriers, Rock Bolting and Vetiver grass plantation were done in the given portion. It also informed that the point where the rock fall happened has been stable since 2019-20 and that Slope Protection work of up to 30-35 m height has been done at some points along the stretch by NHIDCL.

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