NSF commemorates 77th Naga Independence Day, calls for peace and unity

Kohima: Path to harmonious future lies in building bridges of trust and understanding, NSF President

BY | Monday, 14 August, 2023

The Naga Students Federation (NSF) on Monday commemorated the 77th Naga Independence Day here at NSF Solidarity Park, Kohima.

NSF President Kegwayhun Tep addressing the gathering pointed out that what began as a mass Naga movement in the first place, has now “lost impetus in the pandemics of division, vested interests, groupism and divisive tribal politics.”

Mentioning that the consciousness of Naga people has been mired into the divisive politics of the external forces and though Naga leaders are well aware of this great adversary, he said “we are unwilling to free ourselves from the shackles of this induced slumber.”

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Tep said that within a short span of years, the adversary has managed to erase history, the costly journey of the Naga struggle and about the many tribes of the Naga homeland which transcends shadow lines and artificial boundaries designed to keep the Naga family apart from the memory of today’s younger generation while we were engulfed in the many many years of bloody feuds among Nagas.

Remembering the costly sacrifices made in the odyssey of the Naga struggle for self determination, he said Nagas shall strive to honour the legacy of our past leaders and the founding fathers of this nation by continuing to build bridges of unity, compassion, and progress.

Naga Students’ Federation, as guardians and conscious-keepers of the younger generation, also called for peace and unity among the various groups and entities, as CSOs and as Nagas cutting across all walks of life and corners, remembering that the strength of a nation lies not only in its geography but in the hearts and minds of its people.

“And by peace and unity we mean, Peace as not merely the absence of conflict; but a state of harmony in which diverse school of thoughts coexist and collaborate for the greater good. Similarly, unity as not the absence of differences, but the acceptance that the strength of each entity and group, tribes and regions can be held together into one diverse caravan of progress,” added Tep.

Further, he reminded that the path to a harmonious future lies not just in political negotiations, but also in building bridges of trust and understanding among all stakeholders.

Advocate Timikha Koza delivering the keynote address remarked that the history of the Nagas is unique, also because the then Naga leaders had never signed the accession document. From the beginning Naga never joined the Indian Union, said Koza.

He said that Nagas did not wage war against India but they invaded and suppressed the Nagas by killing and burning the Naga areas. He added that Nagas took up arms in resistance.

He also said Political negotiations have been going on but never concluded adding that GoI has been extending with one or the other excuses to delay the process.

Further, adding that Nagas are for peace and are peaceful people and the people are awaiting a logical conclusion.

Earlier, messages were also delivered by leaders from Eastern Naga Students’ Federation, Eastern Naga Students’ Association and All Naga Students’ Association Manipur.

Kohima Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship also prayed for Naga Nation.

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