ODOP of all districts in Nagaland identified

Kohima: ODOP initiative a visionary program aligned with the PM’s vision of fostering inclusive development across all districts of India

BY | Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

The Agri-Horti and Food Processing sectors form a major part of the ODOP product mix and keeping in perspective the export potential of these sectors in the State, ODOP of the 16 districts of Nagaland have been identified, DIPR stated.

Some on-ground ODOP interventions have already been planned while more needs to be planned to overcome challenges identified in the value chain of ODOP Products. Hence the Nagaland Government and other stakeholders should provide support as well as valuable insights in initiating these interventions.

The ODOP initiative is a visionary program aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of fostering inclusive development across all districts of India. The objective is to identify and promote a distinct product from each district, thereby creating a niche identity for them. By focusing on these chosen products, ODOP aims to drive holistic socio-economic growth and improve market accessibility.  Over 1000 products have been selected from all 761 districts of the country. The products are selected by the Nagaland Government in consultation with district administration.

The ODOP initiative covers a wide range of products spanning textiles, agricultural produce, processed goods, pharmaceuticals, and industrial items. The aim is to promote and harness the diverse expertise present in different sectors and communities across the country.

By identifying and addressing challenges throughout the supply chain, enhancing market reach, and providing dedicated support to producers, ODOP aims to transform districts into prominent market hubs for their chosen products. Through this comprehensive approach, ODOP is set to empower districts, promote entrepreneurship, and contribute to the overall economic growth and prosperity of the nation.

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