People have realized their mistakes, Congress confident of winning in Nagaland: Mathew Antony

Kohima: The kind of fear BJP is showing clearly gives indication that they have sensed an imminent, unavoidable failure on their face, Antony says

BY | Saturday, 23 March, 2024

Congress National Spokesperson and Media Coordinator for North East Region, Mathew Atony said today that the grand old party is confident of winning in Nagaland and a good number of seats in the North East, stating that people have realized their mistakes of voting for BJP and its alliance parties in the past elections.

Speaking at a press conference at Congress Bhavan, Kohima, Anthony said that in Nagaland, people, the youth in particular, are tired of the outright corruption and have lost hope in the government. Pointing out that there are no roads in most parts of Nagaland, water shortage and irregular supply of electricity, he claimed that people fear raising these issues with the BJP but assured that Congress would listen to the people.

“We will not attack you for putting up question,” Antony said taking a jibe at the ruling party.

He urged people of Nagaland to think what BJP can do to them if it can freeze the account of the biggest Opposition Party and arrest chief ministers. “Do you want to live in fear or with freedom that is given by the Constitution?” he asked.

He also said that people of Nagaland need to be aware of the controversial and now scrapped electoral bonds through which the BJP acquired over Rs 9000 crore. He accused the ruling party of playing with citizens’ health by extorting money from pharmaceutical companies that were investigated for making adulterated medicines. He admitted that the Congress too received over Rs 1000 crore but maintained that those donations were genuine.

Alleging BJP of suppressing democracy by oppressing the campaign works of the Congress Party for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections but said that Congress is expecting to form the INDI Alliance government in 2024. Moreover, he said that the results may surpass its expectations “because the kind of fear BJP is showing clearly gives the indication that they have sensed an imminent, unavoidable failure on their face.”

Further, the National Spokesperson reminded that the 139 years old Party fought for India’s freedom with the power of the people even though it had little resources and asserted that despite the tough situations, it still believes in the power of the people. Antony promised that Congress will fight this election for the people no matter however much the sacrifices they have to make.

Also present at the press conference were Congress candidate for the Nagaland Lok Sabha seat and NPCC President S Supongmeren Jamir and NPCC Working President Khriedi Theünuo.

On Saturday, NPCC also organised a fasting and prayer program at the Congress Bhavan. Later, a Coordination Meeting of the PCC Election Campaign Committee was held where a range of crucial issues in relation to the upcoming General Elections were discussed and important resolutions were adopted.

Nagaland will vote in the first phase of the General Elections 2024 to the 18th Lok Sabha on 19th April.

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