PLCs in-person English training held in Tuensang

Tuensang: PLCs provide educators opportunity contribute and share one’s experience to improve education system

BY | Friday, 6 October, 2023

The 2nd in-person Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) English training was held for Tuensang, Shamator and Noklak districts on 4th and 5th October 2023 at the Extension Training Centre in Tuensang.

Lee Krishnan, Head of English Department, the resource person shared about the significance of PLCs which represent a way for educators to obtain practice-based and classroom based professional learning. She stated that instead of learning educational strategies and practice from a book, PLCs provide the educators opportunity to make contributions and share one’s experience with the goal of finding ways to improve the education system.

The training was divided into two sessions. The first session activities were based on the topics- icebreaker and sharing best practices; addressing subject needs like pedagogy, training on topic suggested during online session and problem solving; formative assessment; and, understanding and collaboration on Google docs, drive sheets and closing circle.

The second session activities included- TCF- review and self-appraisal; creation and short demonstration of Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs); understanding the NEP and team teaching concept and practice; research and sharing online resources for selected topics; norms and deliverables working with PLCs committees.

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