Pomodoro technique, accessing educational platforms in the internet plays crucial role in topper’s success: HSLC Top 20 Kekhriengunuo Solo


BY | Monday, 29 April, 2024

Kekhriengunuo Solo, daughter of Thehiechulie Louis Solo and Visaneinuo Kiewhuo Solo, secured the Top 20 (a) rank at the HSLC 2024 examination in Nagaland.

A student of Northfield, Khikha, the topper shared her success story in an exclusive interview with  Nagaland Tribune. Delving into her strategies for exam preparation, Solo mentioned that her first step was to meticulously craft a comprehensive study routine. By planning her study hours and periodic breaks, she adeptly balanced the rigors of academic preparation.

Rather than resorting to rote memorization, Solo followed the conceptual understanding of the subjects. Taking advantage of accessible educational platforms like YouTube, Solo immersed herself in explanatory videos that enabled to grasp on complex subjects. Solo also shared that she used the Pomodoro technique into her study routine, acknowledging its efficiency in enhancing her concentration levels.

Emphasizing that success does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all formula, she underscored the importance of recognizing and embracing individualized study techniques that resonate with each student. By advocating for flexibility and personalization in learning strategies, she highlighted the significance of tailoring one’s approach to suit their unique preferences and comfort zones.

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The importance of self-care and periodic breaks was also highlighted by the topper. In her leisure time, Solo enjoyed reading books and comics.

Expressing her deep sense of gratitude, Solo attributed her success to the unwavering support and encouragement extended by her family and the positive and nurturing school environment as well as the guidance and support she received from her teachers.

Solo shared her aspiration to pursue a career in the Civil Service, aspiring to carve a path as a diplomat in future.

“Believe in yourself and place your trust towards God. And most importantly, be kind to others especially to the weak and needy in accordance of what our Heavenly Father commanded us to do,” remarked Solo.


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