Revolutionizing education: Facial recognition tech ensures teachers’ attendance accuracy in Mokokchung district

Mokokchung: App uses facial recognition technology which requires person to blink for it to capture attendance

BY | Thursday, 27 July, 2023

In a groundbreaking initiative to enhance education delivery, the Nagaland Enhancing Classroom Teaching and Resources (NECTAR) project has introduced the Teachers Attendance and Monitoring System (TAMS) with cutting-edge facial recognition technology. Underway in Mokokchung District, this authentication exercise aims to strengthen teacher attendance, eliminate proxy presence, and ensure timely reporting through the innovative SMILE APP.

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In an exclusive interview with Nagaland Tribune, Sentinenla, the District Education Officer of Mokokchung, shared insights into the purpose and mechanics of the TAMS implementation. “TAMS verification is being carried out with the objective of strengthening the attendance of teachers and education employees in their respective place of posting via the SMILE APP. This will also help to identify proxy/bogus teachers,” she stated.

Explaining the facial recognition technology, Sentinenla said, “The app uses facial recognition technology which requires the person to blink for it to capture the attendance. For location and time stamping, the schools will be geo-fenced along with their respective school timings.”

Seyievilie, the Extra Assistant Commissioner of Kobulong under Mokokchung District, informed that the verification process has already been completed in two other Sub-divisions within the last seven days. He stated that the District Administration holds the final verification authority for the NECTAR Project. The verification process includes school teachers, other staff and personnel from educational establishments such as the District Education Office, Sub-divisional Education Office, and Educational Block Resource Centre (EBRC).

The verification process commenced on 22 July 2023 and has been carried out in Mangkolemba and Changtongya Sub-divisions over the past week. Seyievilie commented that this NECTAR project is a noble initiative and expressed his belief that it will be a success.

The numbers of schools, DEO, SDEO, and EBRC verified are as follows: 49 schools, SDEO, and EBRC under Mangkolemba ADC Office, 41 schools, SDEO, and EBRC under Changtongya ADC Office, and 83 schools, DEO, SDEO & EBRC under verification at Mayangnokcha Government Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung.

The verification process requires physical presence, and employees need to bring their Aadhaar card, joining report ID card issued by Samagra Shiksha, and regularisation, extension, and confirmation orders for authentication.

EBRC Coordinators play a crucial role in the exercise, validating the identity of all school staff in their respective Blocks.

Regarding data privacy and security, the authorities assured that measures have been implemented to safeguard teachers’ and employees’ data, especially with the implementation of facial recognition technology.

The Project Steering Committee, headed by the Chief Secretary of Nagaland as Chairman and the Commissioner and Secretary of School Education and SCERT as Vice-Chairperson, is responsible for overseeing this transformative exercise.

The TAMS authentication and verification exercise for Mokokchung District began on 17 July and will conclude on 29 July 2023. It encompasses all categories of staff employed by the Department of School Education, including regular, contractual, and contingency workers.

Sentinenla urged employees facing difficulties or having questions during the verification exercise to seek support and assistance through a provided helpline contact number. They can also reach out to the Nagaland Education Project, NECTAR, and the Directorate of School Education for further clarification or assistance.

The TAMS initiative promises to be a turning point for the School Education Department in Nagaland, heralding a new era of accuracy and efficiency in teacher attendance and monitoring.

With the successful implementation of TAMS in Mokokchung District, the Nagaland Education Project aspires to extend this system throughout the state, ensuring quality education for all.

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