Saving our planet, one recyclable pencil at a time: Made in Nagaland KenBel Pencil


BY | Sunday, 8 October, 2023

KenBel pencils, innovated by Keneisezo Belho, is an eco-conscious business venture with the potential to bring significant positive impacts on Nagaland’s economy, unemployment challenges, and sustainable business practices in Nagaland.

These eco-friendly pencils, made from recycled newspaper and biodegradable materials, offer a favorable alternative to traditional options.

According to 24 years old Belho, these pencils decompose quickly when wet, making a positive environmental impact. There are two type of pencils produced by KenBel: one is a simple pencil made of newspapers and the other is the seed pencil where one can plant them after using the pencil.

Son of Late Kevipele John Belho and Setuo Belho from Kohima village, Keneisezo is a college graduate whose venture is driven by a vision to protect the environment and inspire self-dependence among Naga youth.

Noticing that the majority of entrepreneurs in the State were adhering to traditional notions, Belho transformed his childhood passion and dream into a beacon of innovation and creativity in the Nagaland market.

“My goal is to foster an enduring sense of environmental awareness that transcends isolated events such as World Environment Day. By incorporating environmental consciousness into people’s everyday routines through these products, a positive and enduring influence on the community can be realized,” says Belho.

Speaking to Nagaland Tribune, Belho mentioned that KenBel is the short form for his name; “Ken” for Keneisezo and “Bel” for Belho .

Despite encountering skepticism, Belho was persistent in his commitment to his newspaper pencil idea. By overcoming the obstacle of limited local manufacturing, he managed to find a manufacturing partner across India, demonstrating that the Indian market holds unlimited possibilities with the right connections and resoluteness. At present KenBel has collaborated with Swisco Techno Inc., a Gwalior-based newspaper pencil manufacturer, to inspire environmental awareness and action while providing a sustainable option for conscious consumers in Nagaland.

Belho’s venture also aims to ignite and empower the younger generation to think outside the box and prioritize innovative solutions for environmental challenges. “By nurturing creativity and fostering a culture of innovative thinking, I want to envision a future where the youth actively contribute to crafting sustainable solutions for a greener planet,” says Belho who constantly collaborates with local organizations and businesses, extending the distribution of his products and generating job opportunities for young people.

His strategy involves establishing KenBel Pencils as a leading pencil brand in Nagaland and expanding its presence in various stationary sectors. “I want to create a platform that enables individuals to attain financial independence through marketing and selling products. I believe that this initiative will bolster the entrepreneurial spirit among local youth and contribute to a thriving Nagaland,” views Keneisezo.

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Looking ahead, the young entrepreneur hopes to introduce additional environmentally friendly products, to encourage innovative thinking and sustainable habits in the community. “I also intend to raise awareness through grassroots campaigns and educational initiatives, highlighting the significance of using environmentally conscious products. I am focused on my vision of a greener, eco-friendly Nagaland, one pencil at a time,” affirms Belho.

In the coming months, Belho aims to make his pencil available throughout India, although the completion of trademark registration is currently awaited.

At present, the newspaper pencils are priced at Rs 130 for a set of 13 pieces. The plantable pencils, on the other hand, are priced at Rs 150 for a set of 10. The KenBel products are available for purchase at Ilandlo.

Known for its quality and environment-friendly attributes, Kenbel Pencils showcases the immense possibilities of combining entrepreneurship and environmental consciousness. By providing an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional stationery products, Belho’s venture has potential of revolutionizing the stationery industry and motivating a brighter, greener future for Nagaland.

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