State Govt working to resolve land acquirement issues: Nagaland Home Comm’r on concerns highlighted by Gadkari

Kohima: It is not like we are facing problem everywhere, land issues arise in around 20 percent of projects, Sinha says

BY | Wednesday, 1 November, 2023

Nagaland Home Commissioner, Abhijit Sinha on Wednesday said that the State government has always been very serious about land issues in the state. The state government has taken note of the areas pointed out in the meeting by Union Home Minister of Road and Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari and we will ensure that where ever there are concerns we will resolve it as speedily as possible, said Sinha.

He said the state government has been making all efforts to resolve such issues adding that getting land and providing them on time for projects is very crucial so that projects are not delayed.

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The statement comes following a meeting held at Guwahati to review the National Highway projects in the Northeast States which was attended by Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister T.R Zeliang. Union Home Minister Nitin Gadkari had requested the Nagaland government to come up with a State Law within a couple of months to help resolve the land issues or the Ministry would he compelled to de-scope the portion where there are land issues.

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Sinha maintained that there are many major issues and out of 100 percent there will be close to 20 percent where land issues arise. He said, because of such issues the state government feels the requirement to come out with some guidelines and policy decision to make it more streamline.

“At the local level, district administration level, the land revenue department and the commissioners, they all look into it and try to sort it. Of course, at some places because of some issues coming up it has been felt that to make it more streamline we may be requiring some guidelines and policy decision. So, that we are working on. It is not like we are facing problem everywhere. Land requirement keeps coming up,” added Sinha.

Mention maybe made that the land holding system in Nagaland is peculiar and the State Government does not have land unlike other state governments in the country. And therefore, Government has to purchase land from private individuals for taking up of developmental activities in the state.

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