Teachers’ Day 2023: Programs organised across Nagaland to celebrate educators

Nagaland: DC Tuensang commends teachers posted in villages for their assistance to District Admin and their valuable support in documentation processes within government offices

BY | Wednesday, 6 September, 2023

Niuland District’s common Teacher’s Day celebration was organized at GHSS, Niuland, by SDEO Niuland and NASU to show the gratitude to all the hard-working teachers. Special guest, Sara S Jamir, NCS, Deputy Commissioner, Niuland, on her speech extended her warmest regards and appreciation to all the teachers for educating the students with patience and for being great role models.

She reminiscence from her past and expressed gratitude to his teachers whom she credited for shaping her to become somebody in life and the Deputy commissioner of Niuland. Jamir said that a teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide to all the students. “Parents only gave birth but the teachers mould us,” she said while also underlining the difficulties teaching entails.

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She also mentioned that teaching and guiding students have become even harder in this 21st century. The teachers have to go beyond and get updated with modern technology, the DC said. She congratulated and thanked the educators and also requested them to mould the students positively so that after 20 years, they would be able to look back proudly.

The program was chaired by T. Kavika Aye, President NASU; a prayer was pronounced by grace Kiyevi Zhimomi, Associate Pastor, SBA Niuland; a special presentation was made by GHSS Niuland; welcome note from Erali Swu, SDEO, DEO (charge) Niuland; Ode to Teachers by Shepherd High School; and vote of thanks from Atoholi Sukhalu, coordinator EBRC, Niuland

The program was followed by felicitation of District awardees as well as speech on behalf of awardees from Sademkokba, PGT, GHSS Niuland.

In Wokha District, the Teachers’ Day program was organised by District Education with Tsidi, SDO (C) Wokha as the Special Guest who in his address highlighted the significance of the day and expressed gratitude to all teachers for showing dedication in their service.

He said that the special day serves as a tribute to educators who have consistently guided and inspired students on their path to becoming well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals. Despite the numerous challenges they face, teachers have been instrumental in shaping the future of their students, and he encouraged them to continue their dedicated service.

Later in the program, four teachers who were selected for District Level Teachers’ Awards, two from private and two from government schools, were honored and presented recognition certificate for their outstanding service. The awardees are K. Yanpemo Odyuo from GHS Sungro, T. Merio Ezung from GHS Longsa, Wonjano Khuvung from Fernbrook School and Arhoni Ovung from Mt. Sinai School.

In the program held at VDB Hall,Wokha, ‘Significance of Teachers’ Day’ was presented by Loreni Ngullie, Assistant Headmistress of GHS Wokha, while a special prayer for the teachers was offered by Pastor Ao Baptist Church, Wokha, Reverend Ngangnen Longkumer.

A special musical presentation was presented by Fernbrook School, then a heartfelt ode to teachers was presented by Emme Z. Kikon from Santsuo School, Wokha. A delightful musical number was presented by GMS Wokha Town Sector D.

Welcome address was delivered by Sr. SDEO & DEO IC, Wokha, Renchano Kithan, and concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by ADEO Wokha, Rentsamo Kikon.

Kohima Village Students’ Organisation (KVSU) observed Night Schools’ Combine Teachers’ Day at Kohima Village Council Hall. Speaking on the occasion, Administrator of Mewi Hr Sec School, Kohima, Vilhoubeilie Solo said teachers should see teaching as a mission and the students as their mission field.

He said teachers play a big role in the lives of students and called upon the teachers to play the role of counsellors to the students while emphasizing the role counselling in a teaching job. Solo advised the students to respect teachers and peers and said this is the first step to education. He further called upon the students to never quit in their studies and have self confidence in their own abilities.

During the programme “Best Teachers Award” was given to one teacher from each Night School: Kikrulhoutuonuo Dzüvichü; Khriezovonuo Mechülho; Vitseituolie Yiese; Medosenuo Belho.

There are four Night Schools in the village which provides free tuition to students from Nursery to Class 10 and 45 teachers are involved in this project.


St. Xavier College Jalukie marked the Teachers’ Day with a day long program organised by the Students’ Council. It was a day of ‘gratitude, love and affection’ shown by the students towards their teachers.

Fun-filled activities made the first half wherein the students put their talents to use – music, dance, acts, talks, etc. Gifts and presentations were handed over to the teachers by their beloved students. The celebration was joined in by the alumni, who played a football match with the present students.

The Department of School Education Tuensang organised a grand celebration in honour of Teacher’s Day at the Town Hall Tuensang, DIPR informed. The event featured Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa, Deputy Commissioner of Tuensang, as the esteemed Special Guest.

During her address, Deputy Commissioner Tuensang expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the teachers for their unwavering dedication and hard work in shaping the future of students. She emphasized the pivotal role that teachers play as the backbone of society, nurturing students from their early years and instilling discipline and good behavior, considering students spend a significant portion of their time at school.

Deputy Commissioner commended teachers posted in villages for their assistance to the District Administration and their valuable support in documentation processes within government offices.

Furthermore, Rutsa encouraged teachers to serve as role models for their students by exemplifying good behavior. She also addressed the issue of proxy attendance, noting that it not only sets a negative example but also hampers the students’ future prospects. She called upon teachers to fulfill their duties to the utmost when assigned responsibilities.

As part of the Teachers’ Day celebration, the following teachers were honored with District Awards: Toshienla, A/T from Holy Angel School; Wongto Lamchi Chang, Hindi Teacher at GHS Sangsangnyu. Chubalemla Chang, G/T at GHS Longtang and Zuthunglo Ovung, G/T at GHS Hakushang.

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The program was chaired by Behola Sangtam, District Project Assistant at NECTAR, with an invocation delivered by Achungla Chang, Associated Pastor at TTBL. Tali Jamir, Assistant District Education Officer Tuensang, delivered the welcome speech. The event also featured special performances, including a musical number from Holy Angel School, teacher identification by Baptist Thangyen Higher Secondary School, a dramatic act from St. John Higher Secondary School, and a special presentation by GMS 3rd NAP Saksi.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Nyamo Lotha, Sub-Divisional Education Officer Longkhim. Teachers and students from both private and government schools attended the celebration.

The Tening Students’ Union organised a Teachers’ Day cum Inter School Literary Competition at Tening Town Hall under the theme “The transformation begins with Teachers” on Tuesday.

In the formal session, General Secretary, Tenyimi Union Nagaland, Dr Tumda Newme stressed on the need of good teachers for far flung areas like Tening. He also congratulated students who passes HSLC 2023 and acknowledged Tening schools for always giving good result. Further, Dr Tumda urged civil society to co-operate to the need of teachers and school fraternity.

Meanwhile, solidarity speeches were also given by Liangmai Student Union Nagaland (LSUN) and EAC Tening, Imliwabang Aier (NCS).

The other highlights of the day were various competition like War Cry, Folklore narrations, Quiz, Painting, Culture song and extempore speech.

The program was attended by civil organisations, church leaders, community elders and teachers and students from BHS Tening, Zeliangrong High School, GHSS Tening and Govt middle school.

The Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) in Phek marked Teacher’s Day with a celebratory program held at the School Auditorium, DIPR informed. The event commenced with a speech delivered by the Vice Principal of GHSS Phek, Kote-u Sekhamo on the theme “The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers,” underscoring the pivotal role educators play in shaping the future.

Mutunuzu Chizo extended warm Teachers’ Day greetings and shared words of appreciation for the dedicated teaching staff. GHSS students presented a special song. The invocation prayer was offered by Ravo Rakho and a benediction prayer was delivered by Surholu Kezo, invoking blessings upon the teaching fraternity.

The program was chaired by Vepota Khesoh, ensuring the smooth flow and successful execution of the Teachers’ Day celebration.

In Zunheboto District, a Teachers’ Day commemorative event held at Zunheboto Town Hall. The occasion was graced by the presence of Zunheboto Deputy Commissioner Rahul Bhanudas Mali, IAS, DIPR stated.

In his brief address, the Deputy Commissioner highlighted the significance of Teachers’ Day, a day dedicated to honoring the memory of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a renowned scholar and teacher. He underscored the invaluable role teachers play in the lives of students, emphasizing that educators not only impart textbook knowledge but also teach students important life values, communication skills, and discipline, both within the classroom and at home.

Deputy Commissioner Mali encouraged teachers to be present at their designated places of work to earn respect and urged them to perform their duties with dedication. He also urged them to eliminate the practice of proxy teaching to ensure the delivery of quality education to students. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of teachers staying updated with modern educational methods to keep pace with the competitive world.

Deputy Commissioner Mali also called upon various organizations, civil societies, School Management Committees (SMCs), Village Education Committees (VECs), and other stakeholders to collaborate and work together to enhance the quality of education within society.

The program’s proceedings were as follows: Chaired by Hiloto; Invocation prayer by Pastor Lotha Baptist Church Phyodemo W. Tungoe; Welcome song by GMS New Colony; Welcome speech by Vincent Sukhalu, President of ANPSA; Special presentation by Cornerstone Higher Secondary School Zunheboto; Special prayer by Inoto Yeptho, Associate Pastor SBCZ; Vote of thanks by Hokheto Yeptho, DEO Zunheboto and Benediction prayer by Bokali Aye, Associate Pastor ZTSBC.

In Tseminyu District Teachers’ Day was celebrated at the Town Hall in Tseminyu with Dr. Tinojongshi Chang as the special guest. He emphasized that teachers provide not only academic knowledge but also shape lives in every way and added that teachers are the pillars of our success.

The celebration also recognized the outstanding contributions of teachers in the district, with two teachers receiving awards. The awardees were Noyalo Kath (PT) from GMS Rengmapani and Shankar Sarkar (A/T) from DBS Tseminyu.

Gwayhunle Tep, SDEO Tseminyu, acknowledged and honored these teachers for their dedication and commitment to education.

The program was skillfully conducted, with Wasenmo Apon, Principal of BHSS Tseminyu, serving as the chairperson. The invocation prayer was delivered by Rev. Fr. Jose Lukose, Principal of DBS Tseminyu, while the welcome address was given by Leyalo Apon, Vice Principal of GHSS Tseminyu. Chegeseng Kath, AHM/JEO, expressed a heartfelt word of gratitude.

The event was also entertaining, featuring captivating performances. Students from GMS Tesophenyu Upper presented a mesmerizing choreography, and students from AG School Tseminyu showcased their talents. A special song was sung by the students of DBS Tseminyu, adding a musical touch to the celebration.

Government Higher Secondary School, Ahthibung Town under Peren District celebrated Teacher’s Day with SDEO (Retd.), L. Gangte as the Special Guest who shared a brief history about Dr. S. Radhakrishnan and also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the teachers for their contribution towards the student community.

On the occasion, the teachers were felicitated by the students. Other highlights of the programme included presentations of songs and dances by the students.

The 62nd Teacher’s Day Celebration Conference and Felicitation of Awardees was organized by the Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) in Mokokchung. The event took place at the Conference Hall, Whispering Winds, and witnessed the recognition of four outstanding teachers with the District Teacher’s Award 2023.

These educators were chosen by the District Selection Committee for their remarkable contributions to education and society. The deserving recipients of the Mokokchung District Teacher’s Award 2023 are Imkongyabang, PT from GHS, Saring; Imojungla, GT from GHS, Sumi; Bendangakum, HT from GMS, Changtongya “A”; and S. Bendangla Ao, AT from Children School, Mokokchung.

Thsuvisie Phoji, DC Mokokchung, delivered a short yet inspiring speech, emphasizing the pivotal role of teachers in moulding and shaping the future of society. He highlighted the profound influence teachers have on individuals and their importance in nurturing future generations. He challenged the awardees to continue being torchbearers and role models not only in education but also within their communities.

The DC extended his appreciation to AKM for their efforts in organizing this event, acknowledging the rarity of student communities taking such initiatives in many places. He recognized the legacy they are creating for future generations.

Sentinenla, District Education Officer, Mokokchung, expressed her gratitude to AKM and addressed queries about the lack of Mokokchung district awardees at the state level. She encouraged more teachers to participate in the future and explained the allocation of quotas for each district.

Sentinenla stressed the significance of quality education, stating, “We build a better mission through quality education.” She underscored the role of teachers in inspiring students and developing their mental abilities, thereby contributing to the betterment of society.

The President of ANPSA congratulated the new team of AKM and praised the district awardees for their exceptional dedication. She acknowledged the challenges teachers face and commended the awardees for going above and beyond their duties. She encouraged them to continue being blessings to future generations.

Lanutoshi Aier, President of AKM, explained the unique aspects of this year’s celebration, including separate school events and scheduling conflicts. He congratulated the district awardees and emphasized their essential role in society.

Lanulemba Longchar, Education Secretary, AKM, delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all attendees and guests.

Distinguished guests, department heads from the district, and civil organizations gathered to show their appreciation for the invaluable contributions of these honored teachers to education and society.

The program was chaired by Imlimenla Longkumer, an invocation by Shilula Imchen, Associate Pastor Women, MTBA, and presentations from Town Higher Secondary School, as well as a closing prayer by Yangthrila Mongzar, Associate Pastor Youth Sangtam Baptist Church, Mokokchung.

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