We will continue to go the extra mile until our voices are heard, our grievances are addressed and our aspirations are realized: ENPO, tribal bodies, ENWO and ENSF

BY | Saturday, 20 April, 2024

The joint statement, the ENPO, tribal bodies, ENWO and ENSF, today, reiterated that they will continue to go the extra mile until their voices are heard, grievances addressed and aspirations  realized. The joint press statement issued by the Media Cell, Eastern Nagaland Public Emergency, expressed its gratitude to its citizens particularly, village authorities, women folks, different political party workers and all the volunteers for their commitment to the shared cause and the invaluable role played by each citizen in ensuring success of the historic mass abstention.

“Our populace support has fortified our resolve and emboldened our efforts to advocate for the interest and aspirations of EN citizens and this remarkable display will not go unnoticed,” stated the group. They also specifically expressed  gratitude to the Sumi Youth Organization (SYO) and Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) for their deep concern and extending their solidarity with the citizen of Eastern Nagaland at such a time of struggle and pain.

In an unprecedented display of unity and determination, the ENPO, Tribal Bodies, ENWO and ENSF spearheaded a successful abstention campaign across 6 districts of EN in the 18th LS election. With 738 polling stations bearing witness to absolute silence, the region delivered a resounding message of discontent and solidarity reflecting the collective voice and will of the people.

“Refraining from voting demonstrated our resentment, this asserts our right to demand recognition of our movement, and for which, we chose peaceful resistance over confrontation. With the successful abstention by overwhelming solidarity conveys the powerful message through our actions to those who are in the helm of power that the voices of EN populace can be no longer ignored nor silenced.  It also displayed that the EN people now stands more united than ever. We assure our citizens that in a quest for justice we will continue to go extra mile until our voices are heard and our grievances are addressed and our aspirations are realized as our genuine cry cannot be ignored or silenced,” asserted the statement.

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The ENPO looked forward for continued support from each stake holders. By fostering committed public involvement and cooperation, the ENPO expressed optimism that the common objectives and dreams of Eastern Nagaland can be achieved, paving way for a brighter and more prosperous future for generations to come.

“Finally, we firmly believe, our Hon’ble Chief Minister may also appreciate that the citizens of Eastern Nagaland have always supported your leadership since DAN-1 to the present. Today, as we demonstrate our resentment through mass abstention in a democratic manner, we urge to him to maintain and desist from inflicting any political repercussions on our 20 MLAs and the Government servants from Eastern Nagaland region under any circumstances. Citizens of Eastern Nagaland shall stand behind them in the face of any political adversity,” expressed the group.


The statement further advised all citizens to refrain from passing any negative comments against any leader, individual or group in different social media platforms.



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