Where are the Rs 3500 crore contributed by Nagaland govt employees in NSDL, asks NMOPS

Kohima: NPS will not provide any type of security to the employees during their retirement

BY | Thursday, 27 April, 2023
CANSSEA officials with Manjeet Singh Patel and Sudheer Rupji from NMOPS on 27 April 2023.

Manjeet Singh Patel, President, National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS) and in charge Northeast Chapter said that more than 30,000 New Pension Scheme (NPS) employees of Nagaland are contributing 10% of their salaries every month however, in the website of National Security Deposit Limited (NSDL) Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) which manages all the data, the fund from NPS employees and the government contribution from Nagaland State is showing only for Rs.1200 crores whereas, the amount should be approximate Rs.5000 crores. To this, he questioned as to where the remaining amount of more than Rs.3500 is.

This information is not stated by us but by the respected authority, said Patel while addressing the media today here at The Heritage, Kohima.

Pointing out that NPS is a scam as the total corpus is being invested in share market, he said “share markets is fluctuating everyday, every time then it means it is a scam which is being played by corporate sectors,” adding that NPS has failed in providing Old Age Social income security, gratuity, death cum retirement gratuity and guarantee on contribution of employees. Hence, the employees of Nagaland and every other state is demanding to roll back to the Old Pension Scheme.

Mentioning that NPS will not provide any type of security to the employees during their retirement, Patel appealed to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio to look into the matter and if the state government fails to protect it’s employees, he cautioned that there will be a big protest in Nagaland.

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Dr. Illang, President of Confederation of All Nagaland State Services Employees’ Association (CANSSEA) pointed out that Pension is not a bounty, but it is the right of every government employee, and this right have to be given for social security post-retirement.

He informed that CANNSEA have joined hands with NPS Association Nagaland chapter to roll back to old pension system, which guarantees Pension for retired government servants.

He said the Association on 15 April learned that only 32,111 employees have been generated with the Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) card out of which only a little more than Rs.1300 crore have been uploaded into the portal. Informing that the Association had questioned the Treasuries and Accounts department on the remaining amount but to their surprise the department responded stating that the money amounting to more than Rs.3,500 is in “safe hands” in a “dedicated account”.

“The government should not let the employees suffer or the employees should not be allowed to protest against the government therefore today, we would like to appeal to the government to please roll back to old pension system because inline with the national association we are also fighting for the NPS system subscribers that we should roll back to old pension system and which is a right of every government employee,” added Illang.

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