Yikhum: An exemplary model village

Wokha: Declared best performing Tobacco Free Village 2023 in Nagaland, Yikhum also runs a Rehab Centre called EKUMRHONG

BY | Tuesday, 19 September, 2023

Yikhum Village, located in the Englan Range of Wokha District is one of the oldest villages among the Lotha villages. The village was originally known as Khümyanpan meaning “Place of Worship or village of worship” which was later changed to Yikhum meaning “Believe in the Word” in the Lotha dialect.

The village’s history is also deeply rooted in Christianity. On 2nd October 1998, Yikhum Village celebrated its hundred years of Christianity which also marked the first jubilee celebration amongst the Lothas. This year, Yikhum village will be celebrating 125 years of Christianity from 30th September to 2nd October.

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Nkhao Jungi is considered the first person from Yikhum village to convert to Christianity after the visit of Rev. W.E. Witter who came with purpose of preaching the gospel of God.

Ekhumrhong Rehab Centre

Yikhum Village is also home to the Ekhumrhong Rehab Centre – a continued effort of the Free Tobacco Village program which is undertaken by Yikhum Baptist Church under Wokha District.

The rehabilitation centre which was established on 2oth March 2021, is fully sponsored by Yikhum Baptist Church and is managed by a Director, Counsellor, fourth grade staff and further supported by the church staff. The centre can accommodate 20 clients at a time.

The rehab centre has treated over 90 clients since its inception from various States, districts as well as villages such as Wokha Town, Dimapur, Zunheboto, Arunachal, Bhandari Town, Doyang, Yikhum Village, Longsa, Wokha Village, Englan, Pangti Village, Lakhuti, Tssori Village, New Riphyim, Koio and Niroyo where mostly 90 percent of the clients are drug addicts, ten percent alcoholics.

Tobacco Free Village

The village was declared Tobacco Free in the year 2014, an initiative taken by the Yikhum Baptist Church to stop the sale of tobacco products, Drugs and alcohol inside the village.  The initiative aims to mould the next generation free from substance abuse and encourage more responsible citizenry. Another objective of the initiative being the prevention of tobacco, drugs and alcohol related diseases and problems.

Since the declaration, 13 shops in the village have volunteered to stop the sale of tobacco and related harmful substances.

The sale of tobacco, drugs and alcohol in the village as well as the highways are monitored by the Tobacco Control Board- a collaborative efforts of the Village Council, Women Hoho, Students’ Union as well as the community. Yikhum village was declared the first best performing Tobacco Free Village in the State this year on 31 May 2023.

Yikhum village is also considered as one of the cleanest villages in the district of Wokha and cleanliness drive are conducted in the village every year.

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