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Tokhü Emong: a festival of gratitude, and renewal of relationships

Wokha: Lotha youth celebrating Tokhu Emong. Images for representation purpose

/ 02 Nov, 2023

If something is truly perfect there will be no room for imagination, creativity and improvement: Artist Mhademo Shitiri

Born and brought up in Wokha, Nagaland Mhademo Shitiri is a young talented self-taught artist who is well-known in Wokha for his graphic pencil arts. At the age of four, Mhademo Shitiri developed an interest in drawing where he

/ 30 Oct, 2023

Yikhum: An exemplary model village

Wokha: Declared best performing Tobacco Free Village 2023 in Nagaland, Yikhum also runs a Rehab Centre called EKUMRHONG

/ 19 Sep, 2023

Nagaland CM, Imna Along welcome price reduction in cooking gas; public ‘happy’ but wish for more subsidy

Kohima: Section of public say they are happy even though “It is just Rs 200”

and / 30 Aug, 2023

Interview: 27 years down and K3M band is just beginning

Wokha: It takes patience, tenacity, openness to critique, learning the dos and don’ts etc. to have a successful career – K3M

/ 18 Aug, 2023

Wildlife Conservation has to come from within community, says Wokha Range Officer who discovered turtle thought to be ‘Extinct in the Wild’

Wokha: Main threats for turtles in Wokha district are hunting and habitat destruction but especially water pollution from coal mines

/ 05 Jun, 2023

Wokha ETF’s One Stop Centre provides holistic solutions tailored for entrepreneurs

Wokha: Centre eliminates need for entrepreneurs to run from pillar to post seeking various services and information required for setting up and running businesses

/ 03 Jun, 2023

The success story behind the sweet drops of bottled water from Wokha, the ‘Land of Plenty’

Wokha: In just two years’ time, the proprietors, with their determination and hard work, has built a model company for aspiring entrepreneurs in the state to learn from

/ 15 Apr, 2023

The success story of Yanchanchi SHG meat pickle

Wokha: Formed under Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) and based in New Wokha village under Wokha district with seven members, the homemade pickles have been creating a wave in the district with its distinct taste.

/ 26 Mar, 2023

Jaggery – a sweet deal for Nagaland’s unemployed youth

Wokha: The demand for jaggery is on a rise with some even calling it a superfood

/ 22 Feb, 2023

Exclusive: Falcon Creek share experience on organising canoe sprint and boat race

Wokha: The Hornbill Canoe Sprint and Boat Race was organised by Falcon Creek and sponsored by the Tourism Department of Nagaland

/ 21 Dec, 2022

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