1st Annual general meeting of Liju Federation Wozhuro block Wokha held


BY | Wednesday, 3 July, 2024

Liju Federation Wozhuro Block, Wokha organised its 1st Annual General Meeting promoted by Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission under the motto, “Together we rise higher” with Yingsungbeni Ngully District Sericulture Officer, Wokha gracing the event as the special guest.

The Best VLO award was presented to Mangasa VLO (Pongidong). Metapvüi SHG (Phiro Village) received the Best SHG award. Orenchumi Tungu (Likya VLO, Phiro) was awarded  as the Best VF cum MBK, and Lydia Tsanglao (Renchum VLO, Sankiton) was given  the Best CSP.

Yingsungbeni Ngully, District Sericulture Officer Wokha, underscored in her address that despite the significance of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), many are unaware or do not accord its due importance. She stressed the importance of SHG formation for advancing group dynamics.

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“Not everyone has a government job,” she pointed out, highlighting the primary objective of establishing SHGs: to provide vital support, particularly to village women and housewives lacking alternative financial sources, thereby fostering self-reliance.

She stressed that SHGs not only empower women economically but also serve as platforms for skill development and entrepreneurship. By pooling resources and knowledge within SHGs, members can access financial services and training opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them individually.

Moreover, she emphasised the role of SHGs in promoting social cohesion and community development. Through collective action, SHGs can address local issues, advocate for their rights, and contribute to the overall welfare of their communities. She encouraged participants to leverage SHGs not just for financial gain but also for broader social impact and sustainable development in their respective areas.

J. Lumbeni Yanthan, BPM of BMMU Wozhuro, presented the current status of NSRLM in the block. Lorenty Z. Ezung, Secretary of Liju Federation, provided insights into the financial report.

The event, chaired by T. Lochumbeni Tsanglao, Secretary of Tchemeru VLO, Meriyan, commenced with an invocation by Pastor Libenthung Khuvung of Shaki Baptist Church.

A welcome song was performed by Liju Federation members and ECs. Benrilo Lotha, President of Liju Federation, delivered the Presidential Address and Presentation. A special performance was given by Mangasa VLO from Pongidong Village, followed by a brief speech from Money Wise CFL, Wokha.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Eranbeni Khuvung, Treasurer of Liju Federation, and the event concluded with a Benediction and the blessing of the feast, offered by Alanbeni Humtsoe, President of Sanchopen VLO Tsungsza.


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