30 dead in Japan’s Noto Peninsula after M7.6 earthquake; Tsunami warning lifted

Tokyo: PM Kishida says seismic activity is expected to continue for over a week, appeals citizens to be careful

BY | Tuesday, 2 January, 2024
Japan’s military personnel rescuing a citizen from a collapsed building (PC: @Kantei_Saigai/ X)

30 people have lost their lives in the 7.6 Magnitude earthquake that hit Japan’s Noto Peninsula at around 4:10 pm on New Year Day. The number was confirmed by Ishikawa prefecture officials who also informed that at least 14 people were believed to be trapped buried under collapsed buildings, The Japan Times said.

The powerful earthquake has led to landslides, the collapse of several buildings and massive blaze. Following the earthquake, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued the highest warning for tsunami prompting people to rush to higher grounds. All tsunami warnings and advisories were lifted by 10:00 am on Tuesday. The Japan Times also said that the highest tsunami recorded was said to be over 1.2 metres at Wajima Port at Ishikawa. Both North and South Korea and Russia had also issued tsunami alerts in their coasts.

Since the quake hit at 4:10 pm on Monday, over 129 aftershocks were said to have been recorded till 6:00 am JST on Tuesday.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday evening asserted, “It is necessary to rescue victims of collapsed buildings as soon as possible, and I have given instructions to use all means possible to reach the site as soon as possible. As it was a cold season, we ordered that essential supplies such as water, food, blankets, kerosene, gasoline, and diesel oil be sent by air and by sea.”

The Ministry of Defence informed on X that approximately 10,000 members of the Land, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces, is doing its best to respond to search and rescue operations.

Kishida, addressing a media conference on Tuesday, offered condolences for the lives lost. He also cautioned that seismic activity is expected to continue for over a week or so and urged all residents to refrain from entering dangerous areas and to exercise caution. The Prime Minister also advised citizens against spreading malicious information regarding the damage situation.

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